Worth It

I am so excited to read a book I just ordered called “Worth It” by Amanda Steinberg.

I just got it on my doorstep today (love 2-day Amazon Prime shipping!). I haven’t read it yet, but the title gets me excited.

Plus, one of my clients said it was amazing.

She told me about it because I spend so much time in my Business Profit Formula program talking about mindset.

You see, a lot of entrepreneurs come to me and they don’t think they are “worth it.”

They have a lot of fears around raising their rates, about getting really visible on social media, about selling, and a ton more.

A lot of them think they have to have a specific degree, more experience, a certain credential…

Entrepreneurs often tell me that they “feel like an imposter” and can’t charge more.

They don’t feel worthy.

That’s the reason that I weave mindset work throughout my program.

I know how common it is for smart, brilliant entrepreneurs to feel like there is an invisible wall between them and the business of their dreams.

Perhaps you have a similar feeling.

And, if so, know you are in good company.

But also know that you can’t just wish your problem thought patterns away.

You must have specific techniques to clear your negative self-talk, feelings of unworthiness, and limiting belief patterns around money.

And that’s what I help my clients do in Business Profit Formula. My proven mindset work will help you develop unstoppable confidence and you’ll know that you are absolutely “worth it.”

If you are ready to clear your mindset blocks and get out of your own way, let’s talk.

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