Why Being Busy Won’t Get You Clients


Stop with the Hustle Addiction!

There’s an addiction that runs rampant in the world of entrepreneurs, and it’s called “hustle.”

It’s the idea that unless you’re burning the candle at both ends, grinding away every day and working from dusk until dawn, you’re simply not passionate enough.

You’re not working hard enough. You’re not busy enough.

Hustle glorifies working insanely long hours, because “that’s what it takes to be successful.” But here’s the thing: it’s unhealthy, it’s unsustainable, and it’s downright toxic to your family/personal/social life.

And it’s a cycle that’s hard to jump out of once you’re in it. The more time you give, the more you take on. The more you take on, the more time you give to follow through. And on and on and on.

Most people equate busy with successful – it’s not. It’s a busy trap, and it’s not doing you any favors. It’s a waste of time.

More often than not, it’s actually keeping entrepreneurs from doing good work. The kind of work that clients rave about, and the kind of work that grows your business to the six- and seven-figure level.

Why? The more balls you’re juggling in the air, the fewer moments you have to break away and try something different. Eventually, the balls drop and you’re left exhausted and jaded (and not with more high-end clients).

Hustle Won’t Help You Win New Clients

From the outside, being “crazy busy” can be perceived by your clients (and potential clients) as being scattered and inefficient. Your clients and leads start to think “Does this person/business have enough time to take me on? How can they follow through for me when they don’t have enough time already?”

How do they know you’re busy? Because either you tell them indirectly or directly (people love talking about how busy they are on social media), or you’re wearing it on your sleeve because of a lack of sleep, exercise, eating right, relaxation, etc.

If you don’t have room in your schedule to give your ideal clients the services and attention they crave, you’ll be stuck wishing and dreaming about them when they’re gone.

And it’s a whole lot more challenging to win new clients when the ones who left have stories to tell about being pushed to the backburner (because you were so busy doing X, Y and Z that you couldn’t help them when/where/how they needed).

Hop Off the Busy Train, Win Clients Using Systems & Premium Pricing

Remember, you’re not delivering services. You’re delivering outcomes and value.

Your clients don’t care about how many hours you put in behind the computer, or which tech-savvy programs you use, or which hurdles you leapt after-hours on their behalf.

They want results.

And because your clients are interested in the final payoff (better health, growing sales, healthier relationships, etc.), you are far better off charging per premium outcome/package/promise than per hour.

I repeat: do not trade time for dollars.

When you charge per hour, you effectively limit your income by charging for only the available working hours in the day. If you work 10 hours, you get paid for 10 hours. If you work 15 hours, you get paid for 15 hours.

Going this route, it takes a TON of time to get to the six- and seven-figure income range, plus you’ll keep working the same insane hours that leave you deflated, sleepless, scrambling and unhealthy.

It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for attracting your dream clients.

On the other hand, when you move to a premium pricing model, you become free to use whatever systems you have in place to deliver the results you’ve promised. Whether it takes 10 hours or 3 hours, you’re compensated for the value of your services.

Instead of spending your day rushing around (aka “hustling”) to complete your daily tasks, you’ll be able to focus on the high payoff activities that make your company more successful.

Sounds better than losing your sanity, right? You bet it does.

By creating systems for your company and adopting a premium pricing strategy, you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy and the ones that bring in revenue, like winning the clients you really want.

This is what your clients want to pay for anyway – the promise of an amazing, rave-worthy final outcome. The delivery of your Super Power to save them time, sanity, money, stress, uncertainty, etc.

Want to read more about honing in your business systems and ditching the endless hours of task after task after task? Read more here: How to Create Business and Marketing Systems to Leverage Your Time

What Does Being Less Busy Look Like For You?

Start by defining success outside your business:

  • What would I do with more free time?
  • What have I always wanted to learn/pursue/master?
  • What does my optimal health look like?
  • How would my family/social life change?

Now get motivated.

How will you make changes in your business to end the hustle and win back extra time to regroup, relax, reward yourself, and grow your business?

If you’re ready to make moves to get booked-solid with the clients you love, and have more time to do the things you’ve been missing (vacations, family time, exercise, sleep), let’s get on a call and talk about how I can help.

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