What Do Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali Have in Common?

Your secret sauce is your personal brand

Most entrepreneurs do pretty well with the technical aspects of their business.

After all, things like writing blog posts, creating lead magnets, and building an email list are pretty straightforward once you know the mechanics.

And a lot of businesses check these items off their list with regularity.

Unfortunately, on their own, these marketing activities do little to differentiate your business from competitors or to attract premium clients.

There is another crucial component of the success formula that many business owners are missing or avoiding.

And that piece is YOU.

Look at people (current and historic) who have mastered personal branding like Lady Gaga, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah, Gary Vee, Muhammad Ali, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Know why they are so popular?


It’s because they infuse their brand with their unique and authentic personality.

All of the people I listed are (or were) well known and successful. But they are all incredibly different in personality and styles. I mean, really different from each other.

But each one of them has a HUGE following who are completely drawn to their unique personality.

And the same is true for you!

Your personal brand is the secret sauce that can set you apart in your industry.

You just have to uncover your true personality and figure out how to get it out there in the world.

There are specific strategies and tactics, but there is also a lot of mindset work to get past your own fears and resistance around being yourself online and really putting yourself out there in a big way.

And that’s exactly what I teach people in my Business Profit Formula. I’ll show you how you can infuse YOU into your business and how you can move past your fears.

Check it out here:


See you there!

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