The Doodle Effect

I have a 6-month-old puppy named Oakley and he is a mini Aussie-Doodle.

He is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. But, since he is a mini, he’ll only get to be about 30 pounds.

Oakley basically looks like a living muppet.

He has big blue eyes and this soft hair that sprouts in every direction.

Basically, he was bred to be sweet, cute, and cuddly.

We also have a lovely 16-year-old herder mix named Piper.

For her age, she is doing well. But she has absolutely zero interest in playing with my exuberant and energetic sons.

And who can blame the old girl?

So, we got Oakley because he’s young and energetic so will play with my boys 24/7.

And that’s fantastic.

But what I didn’t know about was the “Doodle Effect.”

When I take walks with Oakley, people cannot help themselves. They see his Doodle-puppiness and they come from all directions to pet him.

He is irresistible.

Folks come over to me, start petting Oakley and asking me all kind of questions about him.

It’s the “Doodle Effect.” People are magnetized by his cuteness.

So, what’s really cool is that I can give you the “Doodle Effect.”

Not when you are walking down the street and not because I’m going to make you cuter…

But I can give it to you in your business, which is even better because you can actually attract a steady stream of perfect-fit clients (the people who come to ask me questions about Oakley never give me any money!).

Worried because you are unknown in your field right now? No problem – we can still “Doodle Effect” you!

My program, The Profit Formula will help you get known, fast, while staying authentic to yourself and your brand.

So if you are ready to bring the “Doodle Effect” to your business and hit consistent $10K months, check out:

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