The 4-Step Formula for Attracting a Steady Stream of Clients

It’s what we all want, right? More clients.

Being booked solid. New leads coming in every month without the hustle. Converting those leads to our right-fit clients.

So where are they? Why is it so hard to get people knocking down the door to work with us?

It feels like you’ve checked all the marketing activities off the list. And yet, your efforts are not delivering enough paying clients.

And you can’t understand why. After all, you’ve done everything that you’re supposed to be doing, but it isn’t working.

It’s a stressful feeling when you don’t have enough clients.

Rightly so.

We need clients to buy our groceries, pay our employees and contractors, and grow our company.

Plus, businesses fail when they don’t have enough customers.

While that is a grim proclamation, there is good news.

The problem isn’t that you’re not doing enough marketing. And it’s not that you have the wrong business model.

The real barrier is that you are confusing your potential clients. Your marketing messages lack clarity.

In this post, I’ll show you my four-step formula to generate more leads and win more clients.

Ready to start winning new clients?

How to get a flood of new clients:

1. Get down-and-dirty with your ideal client

Most business owners have too broad of a focus. They are trying to be too many things to too many people.

And when you are too broad, you create marketing messaging that tries to appeal to everyone. As a result, you appeal to no one.

To generate serious leads, you must go back to basics and identify your ideal customer.

Get down and dirty with your ideal client. Define their demographics, industry, personality, and emotional drivers.

And be narrow, not broad. Identify and target one type of person.

When you know your ideal client, you understand their pain and problems.

And that’s when your marketing makes your ideal client pay attention.

When you solve problems, you win clients online.

2. Build authority as an incredible problem solver

People have problems. Great businesses solve them.

Sadly, the Internet is full of superficial marketing messages. Generic tweets and shares and blog posts that get overlooked.

Don’t create this type of mediocre content.

Instead, develop marketing content that stands out from the masses.

Write blog posts and emails that are  so targeted, your ideal clients can’t ignore you.

Remember, your business provides solutions to the problems your customers face.

You’ve got the expertise and the answers to a specific set of problems.

Your marketing content should demonstrate exactly how you can solve this pain.

Then your ideal clients will ask if you can help them.

This will also build your authority in your industry.

3. Make people fall in love with you

There is a ton of boring content in the world.

Like there should be a virtual landfill where we can dump it all.

Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if we could?

Since we can’t do that, the next best thing is to shape your brand to have a unique personality with a few lovable quirks.

Use everyday language and be different than anyone else in your industry. When everyone else zigs, be sure to zag.

And for goodness’ sake, get rid of the corporate voice, buzzwords, and passive voice!

You might think it makes you sound important. Or that’s the way you learned to write in school.

But the truth is you sound like all your competitors – boring and mediocre.

And uninteresting to your ideal clients.

Instead, be unique in your voice. Your authentic brand personality is the secret sauce that sets your company apart.

As author George Orwell said so perfectly, “The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.

Your people do not want you to be perfect. They want you to be human.

Develop your brand so that it is interesting and amplifies the people behind your website and logo. Show them the real you.

4. Seduce your audience with story-telling

Across centuries, around the globe, and in every culture, humans tell stories.

Since we lived in caves and painted on walls, storytelling has been a unifying element for humans.

We tell them to share, remember, and understand the world around us.

A tribal elder next to a campfire can tell a story that explains how zebras got their stripes. And a parent perched on the side of their child’s bed can read Peter Pan.

People tell stories on Broadway stages, via Netflix binge-worthy shows, and through podcasts.

Regardless of the venue, our brains are hardwired to be story processors. Storytelling evokes a strong neurological response.

Stories make ideas stick.

This means you can weave stories into your marketing content. It will grab your ideal clients’ attention and draw them in.

Copywriter great Joe Sugarman often starts his copy with a story:

“People love stories, and one of the really good ways to relate to your prospect is to tell a story. (…) a story can be invaluable and creates an emotional relationship of bond that keeps your prospect riveted and listening.”

Remember, your ideal clients will hire you because you solve their problems.

You help them make more money, reduce stress, save their marriage, be healthier.

And this is why simple stories can be so powerful.

Weaving stories into your marketing can bring your clients’ journey of transformation alive.

It helps them form an image of how life will look for them after they have your solution to their problem.

Stories show people how you change people lives and remove their pain.

There is a company called Sugru. They make a moldable glue. Most companies in this industry are a commodity.

Sugru has done a remarkable job of following this 4-step formula to attract their ideal clients:

  1. They know their ideal clients, collectively called “The Fixers.”
  2. Their product solves problems, which they showcase in their marketing messages. They have multiple posts on their site to show you how to fix broken things.
  3. Sugru is quirky, fun, and full of personality. I’ve never seen a glue company quite like them.
  4. From the origin of Sugru to people using the product, they harness the power of storytelling. Here is an example of how one starts:

Jenna was living from paycheque to paycheque, lots of debt and felt her dreams were constantly out of reach. Knowing she had to make a radical change, she swapped the stability of a full time job for the unpredictability of adventure. And thus, Tiny House Giant Journey was born, building a tiny house on wheels to travel the world… She’s a fierce ambassador for the tiny house movement, and a Sugru fan as she’s constantly finding clever ways to make the most out of small living spaces.

See how powerful this is?

The truth about getting clients

A large array of ho-hum marketing content might get you some website traffic, but it won’t win you clients.

Rather than churning out a huge quantity blog posts and emails, focus on fewer quality messages.

Be authentic. Solve problems. Tell stories.

When you follow the four-step formula, you’ll get calls and emails from people who want to hire you.

And you’ll be able to cherry-pick the best clients.

Ready to get more clients?

Now it’s your turn – tell me what actions you will take to attract more ideal clients.

And if you’re stuck, let’s talk! I can help you figure out how you CAN create a brand that has the competitive advantage.

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