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  • You are a motivated action-taker who is ready right now to level up your business and your mindset, celebrating consistent $10k - $30K+ months (but you currently feel stuck).
  • You want to attract higher-level clients who pay you a premium price but you need guidance with your positioning, messaging, your offers, and marketing.
  • You are really good at what you do but there is a ton to learn as an online entrepreneur and you want the shortcuts from someone who's done it. 
  • You want to land your right-fit people consistently but you feel like the best secret on the Internet right now and you are so OVER it!
  • You can convert people once you get them on a call but you need help with attracting higher-quality leads and you want to shift to premium, value-based packages.
  • You are ready for a coach who has the experience to get you where you want to go. 

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What Sets Business Profit Formula Apart...

The sad truth is that most  online programs are overfilled with participants, have no meaningful access to the expert running it, and do more to make the marketer revenue than to give the participants real RESULTS. Typically, these programs make BIG promises about specific tactics but woefully underdeliver when it comes to any type of sustainable strategies or systems.

In contrast, I'll work closely with you to show you how to implement marketing and business-scaling strategies that not are not only effective in the short term, but are sustainable over time. I walk you through my proven process, step-by-step with close attention to your unique business goals and needs. You can ask me questions via Messenger, on Voxer, or in our private FB group.
Heck, we can even jump on an impromptu Zoom call if you'd like.

You get TONS of access to me each and every week of the Mastermind to ask specific questions about your business, stucks, and goals. In addition to weekly group calls, you will be in a
Private Community where you can get my guidance at any time. I will help you move through whatever comes up. Not only will I help you grow your income quickly (while working fewer hours),
but I will also be your biggest cheerleader and supporter - we will celebrate your WINS together.

Basically, I will surround you with pure, unfiltered awesomeness.

Get crystal clear on your "Blue Ocean"

You'll get complete clarity on your differentiated "Blue Ocean" brand, messaging, positioning, monthly income goals, verticals, your WHY, and your Offer. You will create a one-page Momentum statement that summarizes ALL of this so you are crystal clear on your path moving forward and can position yourself to stand out as remarkable.

Build your audience of perfect people

I'll show you how to build an nurture an audience of your perfect people. I have a specific system that gets the RIGHT people to notice you, follow you, and believe you are the very best person to help them get the results they crave. You'll learn to create regular content that positions you as an authority and entices leads to reach out asking you "How can I work with you?" 

Create recurring monthly revenue

Recurring monthly revenue is the fastest way to scale your business, providing you with predictable revenue. It takes you off the roller-coaster cash flow cycles and puts you in complete control of making decisions about your business direction. BPF will show you exactly how you can add retainer packages to your service business so you wake up on the first of every month with a huge grin because you already have money in the bank.  

Land high-value clients on command

After helping hundreds of business owners improve their marketing and sales systems, I've created a full-throttle system that eliminates the guesswork of landing premium clients. You'll learn to create marketing messages that clearly communicate your value and get people reaching out to you asking "how can I hire you?" BPF will teach you to confidently lead the sales process to a successful close of your Premium Packages. 

Here’s what just a few Business Profit Formula graduates had

to say about my proven framework and methods...

Christian Nahas

Web Designer

Went from $6K/month to $30K per month

Thanks to Wendy's exceptional expertise and the Business Profit Formula program, I increased my revenue from a mere $6,000/month to over $30,000/month (and counting) in under 6 months. I highly recommend working with Wendy Maynard if you are serious about growing your business.

Susan Steele

Book Coach

Wendy is one of my biggest cheerleaders!

In her Business Profit Formula program, Wendy provides so much support and encouragement. Beyond the essential skills and strategies she teaches, Wendy is now one of my biggest cheerleaders -- an essential element when you are building or growing your business. Do not hesitate if you get the chance to work with her!

Bryan Nguyen

Tax and Financial Strategist

In 6 weeks, went from almost $0 to $15K/month

In the first 3 weeks of joining Business Profit Formula, I felt this amazing transformation in me and my business. I saw so much more potential in myself and what I could do. Within about a month and a half, I had my first $15K month. I hadn't done anything close to that in the months prior. The shift was because of the work I did with Wendy. The next month I actually surpassed $15K! She really takes the time to understand you and what you are good at, which other people don't really see. She has a high-touch approach, which is amazing. Thank you Wendy!

More about Wendy Maynard

Hi, I'm Wendy Maynard. I've been a B2B business consultant and marketing strategist for 20 years and wrote the book, Marketing from the Inside Out.

I co-founded and grew a marketing firm to the multi-million dollar level and then established my own business (this one), which hit 6 figures in its first year. 

I've had the honor and privilege of working with hundreds of B2B service-based business owners. My clients have run the gamut from solopreneurs who are working on their first 6 figures to the CEOs of companies with $30M+ in annual revenue. They have all successfully used my proven approaches to realize increased revenue and profitability. 

My superpower is seeing the missing puzzle pieces in your business that are keeping you from hitting your goals. I am able to help you quickly plug the leaks in your business bucket. I'm not afraid to say that I'm a bit of a unicorn and take great pride in my ability to help you find the fastest paths to cash AND fulfillment. 

Wendy Maynard

Here’s what it's like to work with Wendy...

Erin O'Kelley Muck

Web Designer, Digital Marketer

Went from charging $2k to $7K-$20K for websites

Working with Wendy Maynard is honestly the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my business. Our conversations spurred action and change. Before, I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. Wendy helped me hop off and uncover my strengths so I can communicate them to my clients. We did SO much! Mission, vision, values. Website overhaul. New processes. I raised prices for the first time in over 10 years. I grew my service offerings. I hired sub-contractors. Ultimately, I rediscovered that I have something unique and special to offer the world. 

Sophia D. Sun

Marketing Copywriter

Learned to land retainer clients at a premium price

Wendy is an outstanding teacher, trainer, coach, marketer, and motivator. She leads by example, implementing the insightful business acumen she provides in her own work first, ensuring the highest quality offerings for her clients. She is a DO’er with a heart of gold. On top of all that, she’s a brilliant writer equipped with a mind bursting forth with words of goodness. Equally passionate as she is helpful, it’s a privilege to know and work with Wendy

Leah Chazan

Web Designer & Strategist

Grew $2K months into $10K+ months

WOW where to start!! During the entire time that I worked with Wendy, she was always reliable, responsive, and had the smartest solutions to every single dilemma I had! We worked on every aspect of my business, including sales, marketing, systems, mindset, outsourcing and everything in between. She was so supportive of every idea I had and used her vast experience to help me level up my business to places I never would have imagined. She gave and gave and continues to be an amazing source of inspiration, ideas and support. I HIGHLY recommend working with Wendy if you want to bring your business to the places you only dreamed of!!

Here's Everything You Get With
Business Profit Formula

  • The full high-touch Business Profit Formula program showing your step by step how to build a business that makes you real income, brings you premium clients, and provides you with recurring monthly revenue.
  •  All 40+ videos and lessons to lead you through the program and help you succeed at every step
  • Guides, templates, and checklists to help you successfully implement the Formula
  • LIVE weekly Q&A calls with your Wendy to get your questions answered so you can keep moving forward and take action.
  •  Private Facebook group of rockstar entrepreneurs running service-based businesses
  • 1:1 messaging and Voxer with Wendy to make sure you're on track and have clarity
  •  BONUS LinkedIn Lead Machine Training teaches you to leverage LinkedIn to get clients.
  •  BONUS Mindset Mastery to level up your confidence in marketing and sales.
  •  BONUS Content that Converts training so that you can write posts and email messages that establish you as an expert and bring leads to you on a steady basis.

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More about what it's like to work with Wendy...

Fradel Levine

Financial Consultant

In the first month of working with Wendy, I made $15K

I have seen huge successes working with Wendy. I especially love her personal approach. This lady is a genius. If you know me, you know I don't trust anyone. But with Wendy...I think she is the real deal. In the first month of working with Wendy, I made $15K. Wendy made me execute on all my ideas. If you have ambition, you should totally work with Wendy. She will really rock you!

Corrales Cachola

Digital Marketing Strategist

Wendy will put you above what you thought possible

There are good coaches, great coaches, and then there's Wendy Maynard. Lots of coaches teach mindset. Wendy takes mindset to an entirely new level by matching it with her unique business formulas. But not just any formulas. She has been there, done it, and honed it ten times over with her agency clientele, many of which had revenues in the tens of millions of dollars.

The results being you get to learn crucial, nuanced inner-workings of business formulas that get results and have been battle-tested, designed by herself, and tailored for your biz. That is a value other coaches simply can't match because so few have played at that level themselves in their careers. Wendy will put you way above what you thought was possible for yourself because she knows how to get it done no matter your industry. Importantly, she is a true champion of you and your business and is also one of the nicest people you'll meet. 

Jeremy Knauff

SEO Firm Owner

I highly recommend working with Wendy

Wendy is one of of the rare people who invests massive time and energy into giving back. As someone who built a massively successful marketing agency, she definitely knows what she's talking about, and she follows through on her own advice by doing the things she recommends to her clients. I'm grateful to have met Wendy several years ago, and to work with her. Her advice has always been effective and valuable. If you're considering working with her, I highly recommend that you do so. You won't be disappointed.

Let's Do This NOW!

Again and again, I talk with service-based entrepreneurs who are exceptionally skilled, extremely caring, and insanely smart but are struggling to attract a predictable flow of the ideal clients they need…and they are stuck far below the income they deserve.

it doesn’t have to be that way!

I can help YOU turn your business around so you bring in more income, make a bigger impact, and have time for the life you want to live. I'm here to show you how to navigate an increasingly complex online world filled with distracting shiny objects and teach you how to build a sustainable marketing strategy that's built on real human relationships. 

It is time to step into your power and own your worth, my friend. This is YOUR time to make your business dreams a reality. Don't wait for permission to get out there and do what you are meant to do. Take action and MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 

It is my passion, my honor, and my joy to serve you in your journey.

All my best, Wendy