How to Overcome Fear in Business as an Entrepreneur

How can entrepreneurs overcome fear?

See that alligator in the photo below? That’s your fear.

Your fears can be the biggest barrier to your business success.

They prevent you from going after what you really, truly want.

Your fears are cunning, manipulative, and often subconscious, which means that you are not always aware of what is holding you back in your business.

Your fear can show up as inaction, procrastination, distraction, and perfectionism. Often we attribute our paralysis to lack of skills, time, money, connections, or certifications, but it’s none of these things. It’s just fear in disguise.

It’s the nasty alligator of fear.

Many business owners have similar fears

And you may think you are alone in your fears.

But you are absolutely not alone. The secret is that every entrepreneur has had to face her or his fears.

And so many of my clients come to me with common anxieties and worries…

They’re smart, charming, and very talented and they have a burning desire to build a 6- or even 7- figure service business…and get amazing results for their clients.

But they’re absolutely STUCK. And they often don’t see how amazing and worthy they truly are.

You know what is getting in their way?

Their mind. Their thought patterns. Their limiting beliefs.

They are letting their own fears stop them, just as if there was a real alligator standing in front of them and keeping them from moving forward.

Their brain keeps repeating limiting thought patterns such as:

…What if I’m not good enough?

…What if I can never make this work?

…What if people think that I’m an imposter?

…What if I fail?

…What if I make a mistake?

…What if people don’t like me or think I’m arrogant?

…What if I look stupid?

Any of these sound familiar to you?

So many people have these same fears… and sadly, it means that they…

  • hold themselves back and don’t allow their big ideas to get out in the world
  • stay small and – as a result – don’t impact as many lives as they could
  • play it safe and their business stays Below Average instead of making it the Beyond Amazing company it could be.

The truth is, you can’t be truly successful in your business if you are self-sabotaging your own success by letting your limiting beliefs drag YOU down… no matter how talented you are, or how amazing your services are.

The GOOD NEWS is it doesn’t have to be this way.

Just as we learned things somewhere along the way…from the people who raised us, or the friends we spent time with, or the shows we watched, or whatever…we can unlearn them.

And the cost?

Consistent, daily mindset work to eliminate the fear and replace the limiting beliefs with empowering thought patterns.

I do it every day, and you have to do it too if you want different results from what you’ve been getting.

Are you doing any mindset work now? Is it working for you? Or is your anxiety getting the best of you most days?

If fear is holding you back, if worry is making you hesitate, then I can help you bust through it once and for all.

I teach my clients powerful mindset work because that mean ‘ol alligator comes up again and again each time you hit a new level in your business.

So, it’s like working out. You have to build your mindset like a muscle. That way you have the strength to overcome anything that comes your way.

And I can help you to reach the level of success you desire.

Let’s jump on a call today and get that damn alligator out of your way!

And then once we do, I’ll also walk you through a step-by-step game plan for creating the business you really desire…the one that the fearless, limitless YOU wants to build.

I’ll be there to help you. That’s a promise.

You can also sign up for my FREE Masterclass where I’ll walk you through creating a strategy for raising your rates, getting booked solid with high-end clients, and setting up the systems that allow you to scale your business to 6- and 7-figures.

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