Myth-Busting: 3 Big Myths About Getting Premium Clients

premium clients myths
premium clients myths

Let’s start with defining what a Premium Client is (and is not).

A Premium Client will:

  • Trust your expertise 
  • Understand the value of what only you can do and offer
  • Pay premium prices without balking
  • Sing your praises to others 
  • Be an overall pleasure to work with

A Premium Client does not:

  • Constantly question the value of your services
  • Pay chronically late
  • Pester you 
  • Keep your greatness to himself or herself (they rant and rave and share about how you’ve helped them get from Point A to Point B)
  • Be a PITA (Pain In The A#$!)

When I talk with entrepreneurs about ways in which they can rapidly scale their income without burning the midnight oil, landing dream clients — the ones that are worth 10+ PITA clients — is at the top. 


It comes down to working smarter, not harder. And enjoying the work you do with clients you love.

Wouldn’t you rather spend one hour helping a client who you really value to succeed, than 10 hours trying to please clients who are looking for the next loophole/refund/complaint?

Over time, I’ve heard lots of reasons (ahem…excuses) why entrepreneurs believe they don’t have it in themselves to land high-end clients. 

Quick note: if you believe you can’t, you can’t. If you believe you can, you can. You know this. We all know this. If you need help practicing this, head over to How a Growth Mindset Drives Your Business Success for bonus reading.

So I’m surfacing the top three myths about landing your next Premium Clients. 

The ones you enjoy talking to.

The ones who also help you grow, evolve, and thrive as a business owner.

The ones who pay your premium prices, so you have the time and drive to do great work for them.

3 Big Myths About Getting Premium Clients

Myth 1: People can’t afford you.

If you’re playing this tune in your head, then the real problem is that YOU aren’t clear on the ROI you provide. 

Once you have a firm grasp on how your services will improve your clients’ lives/health/income/stress/happiness, you’ll be able to communicate the value of your unique offer and the money that your potential client is losing by not working with you. 

Bonus, there are some mind tricks that come into play when your packages are priced higher. Our brains perceive more value and higher quality when something is more expensive, whether it’s socks or a 3-month coaching package.

Read more here: Why You Should Charge Higher Prices For Your Services

Fact: Your ideal clients will pay a premium when they believe you can bring them a transformation.

Myth 2: You need more leads to make more revenue.

Have you thought to yourself: “Life would be so much better if I had (insert number here) leads a day knocking at my door!”

This is quantity over quality thinking. And it’s not the full picture.

An existing client is always more profitable than a new client, and retention is an incredibly powerful profit lever. 

How can you serve your existing clients further? How you can serve them longer? 

Think of ways you can turn some of your already great clients (joy to work with, values your services) into Premium Clients (pays top dollar for your suite of proprietary services).

What bonus material can you add for a premium each month? A one-on-one phone call? Exclusive webinar access? A closed Facebook group with your other clients? Monthly analytics?

And consider linking your services together as a continuous system that takes your clients on a journey of ongoing improvement. Give them a reason to stay with you longer, and glean from all that you have to give.

Fact: Having a handful of Premium Clients is going to help you rapidly reach your business and marketing goals. Having big ol’ herd of PITA clients who drain your time, energy, enthusiasm and resources, is not.

Myth 3: “I can’t get Premium Clients because {insert your excuse}.”

If you aren’t getting Premium Clients, it’s because: 

A) You aren’t clearly articulating who you help. 

B) Your offer is no good and needs fine-tuning.

C) You don’t believe in you – your limiting beliefs will stop you dead in your tracks every friggin’ time.

Start by being way more specific. This is a key piece of my Business Profit Formula (which regularly gets my clients to ongoing $10K+ months). You need to clearly grasp and communicate who you help, and the kind of results they’ll achieve by working with you.

Once you have clarity on your offer and the BIG problem it solves for your clients, tweak, tweak, tweak, tweak, tweak….and keep tweaking. 

Analyze your results and client feedback, and then continue to evolve your packages. This also helps to retain clients who’ve already used and loved your services, and now they can hop on your train again for even better/bigger/faster results.

And if you don’t believe you have it in your to sell $3K-$10K monthly packages, reach $100K+ a year with the help of your Premium Clients, and deliver on your BIG promise…then you won’t.

Your fears, negative self-talk, fixed mindset…these all will hold you back every damn time.

If you need someone to grab you by the shoulders and flip you in the right direction, I’m all too happy to. Here’s your reading homework:

The Mind of a Business Owner: Get Past Your Fear of Success

Using a Growth Mindset to Reach $100K+ This Year

Business Growth: 5 Barriers That Are Stunting Your Business Success

Fact: When you replace your “I can’t…” statements with “I choose not to…” statements, it gives you a new take on the messages you’re telling yourself. Give it a try.

Instead of “I can’t get Premium Clients because I don’t have time to reach out to them,” try “I’m choosing not to get Premium Clients when I fill my day with other busy work.”

Yes, you have choices. Yes, some of your current choices are holding you back. Yes, it’s up to you to choose to take the next steps to reach and convert your dream clients.

Knock Down Your Barriers to Getting Premium Clients

If any of the above are getting you hung up on the path to Premium Client Land, let me know where you’re stuck. 

Schedule a free phone call and let’s chat about how I can help guide you on your path to real, sustainable business success and hit your big goals for this year and beyond.

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