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with Wendy Maynard

You are SO ready to scale to 6 figures but without the stress, hustle, and overwhelm.

Life is nuts, especially right now. So the LAST thing you need is more craziness.

I get it. And I got you.

Let me show you the shortcuts.

This 6-month mastermind is the culmination of the exact processes I've used to grow my two companies (multi-7 and multi-6 figures), as well as helping hundreds of entrepreneurs of all sizes to increase their revenue and profits.  

Multiple 5-Figure Months Are Easy For Me...
And I Want to Show You How Easy They Can Be For You Too

Yes, you can easily hit the monthly income you desire.
Yes, you can cherry-pick your clients (no more PITAs)
Yes, you can charge premium prices.
Yes, you can have a 6-figure business that completely delights you.
Yes, you can make more without working more.

The Boardroom will fast-track you to multi-5-figure months.

This 6-month program will support you in hitting your desired income in a way that is enjoyable to you. Because there are NO limits to what you can achieve when you have the right guidance to show you exactly how to get there. 

Whatever your vision, you can shine your light as brightly as you want. You'll shed the limiting beliefs you've been clinging to...and step into the bold, empowered, authentic leader of the company and income of your dreams. 


But right now, this is you...

You are so ready to scale your online business, hitting higher levels of monthly income and impacting more people - but you want to make it happen with ease and joy, NOT by having to work twice as hard. 

You don't have your online business model dialed in with systems and offers that allow you to scale with ease, efficiency, and profitability.

You are the bottleneck to your business growth - you either don't have the right team in place or you have team and everyone is constantly waiting on you for something. As a result, your business is not making the progress you want and your big ideas are piling up in the corner gathering cobwebs. 

You're never going to settle for the small goals that a lot of people set. You want to Go Big with a business built around your rules that not only makes multiple 6 figures but brings you freedom and fulfillment.

You just need a roadmap. This is it.



I'm the Queen of "I create my own rules" so I understand what it's like to want more than the 
average person while also wanting to create success on my own terms without having to hustle.

For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with my ambitious nature and 
my ongoing quest for more. I just wasn't satisfied with the status quo. But then I realized that I can be the authentic me, I can create a business model that delights me and attracts my dreamboat clients, and I can create the income I desire without working harder.

And the same is true for you.

The Boardroom is my secret weapon for women who want to scale their online service business to
multi-six figures with ease, speed, and fun. I help you realize rapid growth by not only giving you rock-solid business recommendations, but weaving in transformational mindset work. 

If you want to increase your revenue, stretch your mind, and elevate your life beyond where it is right now, you need guidance that transports you from the place you are to the place you want to be.

This is your place to embrace abundance, ambition, creativity, support, guidance, and accountability. You will be supported by like-minded, unapologetically ambitious women who cheer you on and support you in making the quantum leaps you desire.  

Who is this For?

  • • You are an ambitious female service entrepreneur (consultant, coach, accountant, web designer, etc.).
    • You want to hit consistent and predictable 5-figure+ months with ease
  • •  You know you are amazing at what you do and want the world to know it too.
    •  You have big goals and know you can make them happen. You want the shortcuts so you can hit them faster.

Who This Is NOT For...

  • • You are NOT ready to commit to yourself and making your business dreams come true.
    • You are NOT that motivated and you're ok with your business status quo.
  • • You don't really care that much about growing your business. It's kind of a hobby to you.
    • You're not that interested in more income. You don't care about the freedom in your life to do the things you love.

What Sets The Boardroom Apart...

The sad truth is that most online programs are overfilled with participants, have no meaningful access to the expert running it, and do more to make the marketer revenue than to give the participants real RESULTS. Typically, these programs make pretty-sounding promises about specific tactics but woefully underdeliver when it comes to showing entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable business model with systems to scale their marketing, sales, team, and revenue. 

In contrast, I'll work closely with you to show you how to implement business-scaling strategies and systems that are both effective in the short term, AND are sustainable over time. The good news is that by leveraging my frameworks, you can create a company around your passions, personality, and preferences.

"Working with Wendy is honestly the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my business."

I walk you through my proven processes, step-by-step with close attention to your unique business goals and needs. You can ask me questions on Voxer, or in our private FB group, AND during our biweekly Group Mastermind Calls. You'll also get access to my Smart Growth training (details below). You'll create freedom in your business by working smarter, not harder so you increase income and profits while working fewer hours.

You get TONS of access to me each and every week of the Mastermind to ask specific questions about your business, stucks, and goals.  I will move through whatever comes up. Not only will I help you grow your income quickly (while working fewer hours), but I will also be your biggest cheerleader and supporter - we will celebrate your WINS together. 

I have been working with Wendy & the results have been amazing. Highly recommended. 

Basically, I will surround you with pure, unfiltered awesomeness.

The Boardroom Experience...

Our 6 Months Together Includes...

2 Group Coaching Calls Each Month

Each month, we come to our virtual Boardroom conference table. This is where you can ask Wendy and our mastermind anything. Prepare for laser coaching, expansion, breakthroughs, celebrations, high-level strategy, and proven processes that will break you through your stalls and get you into rapid acceleration. 

Unlimited Access to Wendy

Between our group coaching calls, you get ongoing support from me and our mastermind community in our group Voxer chat (Wendy will check M - F) and our private Facebook group. You need advice? Want me to celebrate with you? Time for a mindset boost? Friend, I got your back. Get ready for quantum leaps from where you are to where you want to be.

Smart Growth Blueprint Training 

This exclusive training is where I give you step-by-step guidance on what it takes to scale. This is my Blueprint on how to work smarter, not harder (training exclusive to this Mastermind). You'll learn my approach to delegation, leadership, cash-flow, marketing, systems, etc. that I've used to grow multi-six and -seven figure companies (both clients' and my own).

The Smart Growth Blueprint Training


My Smart Growth Blueprint trainings will show you why YOU are the best investment you can make this year, and they are only available to my Mastermind clients. They show you the processes I've created over the last 20+ years to grow two businesses to multi 6- and 7-figures (and helped countless clients do the same). Nobody out there is teaching this, but they should be. These are all completely customizable and flexible so you scale your way, by your rules.

Content to Cash Messaging

Create content & messaging that shows your value and has people reaching out asking "how can I hire you?"

Money Tracking System

Rapidly build confidence in tracking your income, expenses, and profits with my dead-simple system. 

Premium Clients on Command

I've created a full-throttle system that eliminates the guesswork of your selling process and landing premium clients. 

Your Customer Journey

A thorough understanding of your customer's journey helps you maximize retention, revenue  and profitability.

Building the A Team

Your team is gives you the freedom you want. Learn to hire right (contractors or employees) and delegate effectively.

Million Dollar Mindset

Step into your power, own your worth, communicate your expertise, and feel on fire about your unique brilliance.

The Power of Income Stacking

How you can create recurring income in your business via retainers, payment options, service plans, subscriptions, etc. 

The 1 Percent Rule

I'll show you how applying this process principle is your fast path to increasing your income without working harder. 

Maximizing Your CLV

Maximize your customer lifetime value. Customer acquisition is sexy but it's nowhere near as profitable as retention. 

Here’s what just a few of my clients have

to say about my proven framework and methods...

Leah Chazan

Web Designer & Strategist

Grew $2K months into $10K+ months

WOW where to start!! During the entire time that I worked with Wendy, she was always reliable, responsive, and had the smartest solutions to every single dilemma I had! We worked on every aspect of my business, including sales, marketing, systems, mindset, outsourcing and everything in between.

She was so supportive of every idea I had and used her vast experience to help me level up my business to places I never would have imagined. She gave and gave and continues to be an amazing source of inspiration, ideas and support. I HIGHLY recommend working with Wendy if you want to bring your business to the places you only dreamed of!!

Sophia D. Sun

Marketing Copywriter

Learned to land retainers at a premium price

Wendy is an outstanding teacher, trainer, coach, marketer, and motivator. She leads by example, implementing the insightful business acumen she provides in her own work first, ensuring the highest quality offerings for her clients. She is a DO’er with a heart of gold. On top of all that, she’s a brilliant writer equipped with a mind bursting forth with words of goodness. Equally passionate as she is helpful, it’s a privilege to know and work with Wendy

Chaya Gutnick

Systems Specialist

Wendy really looked at my whole business...

Wendy has a very wide base of knowledge and really looked at my whole business rather than helping with a specific part. Whenever I would come to her with what I thought was a problem she would help me dig deeper and find out what the real issue is. The two biggest wins I got from working with Wendy is a super specific positioning and laser focus to cut out shiny object syndrome. I highly recommend her!

Kristi Harris


Wendy is fantastic!

She is incredibly knowledgeable and committed to her clients and her clients’ success. Wendy takes the time to get to know your business, and what makes it tick. She then applies it to goal setting for success.

Grace Napolitano

Business Coach

Within 30 days, went to $21K in monthly revenue

Working with Wendy has been the best decision I ever made. Within the first 30 days of working with her I took my $2,000 months to $21,000! She helped me recognize what my true get known factor is and how to consistently share that with my followers.

Working with Wendy has been the incredible for myself and my business. The support and confidence she gives me is all I need to know I can grow my business to levels I couldn't imagine before. I ended the year at $111,000!!

Shanda Gobelli

Confidence Coach

Her priority is her clients' success and she gives 110%. 

Wendy is an amazing business coach. Her priority is the success of her clients, and she gives 110%. Wendy shows great compassion, understanding, and tremendous know-how.

If you're seeking no-nonsense, integrity-filled powerhouse to get your business on the right track (and keep it moving forward!), nobody is better than Wendy!

Deborah Maverick

Leadership Mentor

Wendy has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise 

I've learned so much from Wendy in such a short period of time - she's so generous and knowledgeable with her content! It only takes a few minutes with her for you to understand that she has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online business and marketing. I'm so glad I met her!

Susan Steele

Book Coach

Wendy is one of my biggest cheerleaders!

In her program, Wendy provides so much support and encouragement. Beyond the essential skills and strategies she teaches, Wendy is now one of my biggest cheerleaders -- an essential element when you are building or growing your business. Do not hesitate if you get the chance to work with her!

Erin O'Kelley Muck

Web Designer, Digital Marketer

Went from charging $2k to $20K for websites

Working with Wendy Maynard is honestly the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my business. Our conversations spurred action and change. Before, I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. Wendy helped me hop off and uncover my strengths so I can communicate them to my clients. We did SO much! Mission, vision, values. Website overhaul. New processes. I raised prices for the first time in over 10 years. I grew my service offerings. I hired sub-contractors. Ultimately, I rediscovered that I have something unique and special to offer the world. 

Fradel Levine

Financial Consultant

In the first month of working with Wendy, I made $15K

I have seen huge successes working with Wendy. I especially love her personal approach. This lady is a genius. Wendy is the real deal. In the first month of working with Wendy, I made $15K. Wendy made me execute on all my ideas. If you have ambition, you should work with Wendy. She will really rock you!

Kerry DeLiz

Financial Strategist

Wendy is your woman!

Working with Wendy as a business coach was wonderful! She is supportive, strategic and was the guidance I needed when pivoting my business. I was able to grow my audience, learn how to write much better content that attracts ideal clients and use social media in a way that is not cheesy or overtly sales-y. Beyond that, she is a mindset maven which is JUST what I needed during my business transition during the pandemic. She brings a level headed sense of calm, experience and is the voice you sometimes just need to hear to figure out which move to make next. I cannot say enough good things about Wendy. If you're looking to grow your business, your mindset and learn from someone who has been in the game for a LONG time- Wendy is your woman!

Maryanne Mbuya 

Lead generation specialist

Wendy has helped me grow my business

I stayed on the sidelines watching her for almost a year. Then one day she shared a script. I tested it out and in a week I had almost 10 calls booked. I knew I had to get her to help me. She is simply amazing. 

Hi, I'm Wendy Maynard.

I'm a divorced mom to two exuberant boys and assorted pets living in Ashland, Oregon. I've been a B2B business consultant for 20+ years and wrote the book, Marketing from the Inside OutI co-founded and scaled a marketing firm to the multi-million dollar level and then created this multi-6-figure business. 

I've had the honor and privilege of working with hundreds of service-based business owners. My clients have run the gamut from solopreneurs working on their first 6 figures to the CEOs of companies with $30M+ in annual revenue. They've successfully used my proven and unique approaches to increased revenue and profitability. 

My absolute passion is helping my clients scale their businesses WAY UP so they can build wealth, support themselves and their families, and impact more people.  

Here's the truth: You CAN have it all.

Apply for The Boardroom Mastermind

We are so excited to see if you are a good fit to work with Wendy on transforming your business...and your life! Here is your next step.

Please fill out the application form thoroughly and thoughtfully so we can learn more
about you. If you are accepted, Wendy and her team will follow up with you via email with information about how to get started.

Please note: At this time, Wendy is not taking sales calls. If you have any questions or want to chat back and forth to help you make your decision, fill out the application and send Wendy a message on Facebook or LinkedIn. She will be happy to chat via Messenger.


Claudia Minner, Executive Coach

If there was such a thing as a magic bullet, 
Wendy Maynard is it. 

I was new into starting my business, and even though I had all of the experience of performing the services of my business, I was unsure of how to market myself, gain visibility, and structure out my plan.

Wendy was overly supportive every step of the way and really helped me clarify my vision, gain visibility, AND book premium clients upwards of $3k each (and the calls are still coming in!). 

If you are looking for support, a system, strategies, and a true partner in bringing the vision of your successful business to life, hire Wendy.

You’ll be so glad you did.