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Join NOW and get access to LinkedIn Lead Mastery, my proven system for leveraging LinkedIn as your fastest path to ideal clients (Ka-ching!). 

In this Mastery program, I'm giving you my full-blown 4-Lever Linkedin Framework that I use and have applied to multiple client businesses. 

You'll learn how to use LinkedIn to build a highly visible expert brand, pack your pipeline with right-fit leads, and get a steady flow of dream clients.  

Are you willing to make today the day you STOP struggling and
START thriving on LinkedIn? 

Imagine just a few weeks from now...

Your offers are fully booked with high-quality dream clients and you didn't have to use a single pushy, sleazy sales tactic. Inside this program, you will gain access to my proven process to leverage LinkedIn to do exactly this.


What if you were able to Land Premium Clients anytime You Wanted?


Tell me, does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • • You are getting sick of struggling so hard to attract clients. Sure, you get some sporadically online and some through word-of-mouth referrals, but it's nothing you can rely on and so you end up working with certain clients you don't really enjoy. 

  • • You've tried Facebook groups and emailing and networking but it all feels like a lot of work...with little to nothing predictable to show for it.

  • • And you are quite certain your clients are on LinkedIn but it's pretty overwhelming and you don't really know what to do, how to get in touch with the right people in there, and you feel like you are all over the place when it comes to your online marketing efforts. 

Oh, friend, I so feel your pain.

That was me. 

A few years back, I left my brick-and-mortar marketing firm to start my online company. 

I wanted more freedom to be myself, less travel for work, fewer client headaches, and more time in yoga pants.

But it ended up being more challenging than I thought.

I started by marketing myself in Facebook groups and was - quite frankly - underwhelmed.

Sure there were a lot of quality people.

But I felt like I had to sift through a lot of noise and chaos to find them.

And I ended up having a lot of sales conversations with people who just weren't a good match.

Ugh, what a waste of time and effort. (And talk about feeling dejected!)

Then I read that LinkedIn had updated its algorithm.

Now, I had actually been on LinkedIn for years and had even taught lots of my brick-and-mortar clients how to use the platform. 

But when I started my own company, I put it on the back burner because it wasn't very particularly effective for getting leads.

For most of its "life," LinkedIn was little more than a glorified online resume and article publishing site.

When I learned that all that had changed, I felt hopeful. A business platform where you could actually be social? As an extrovert stuck behind a computer, I was all in!

So, I jumped in and learned all the strategies I could get my hands on. I read articles. I got geeky and read about the algorithm. I read the LinkedIn Knowledge Base.

Like the mad-scientist marketer I am, I ran lots of experiments. Through trial and error, I learned what worked and what didn't.

I cracked the code on making LinkedIn simple and insanely EFFECTIVE for attracting a steady stream of high-quality leads.

My methods quickly took me to $20K-$25K months. And as I taught my clients, they got similar results.

Happy dances all around!!!

And all of this led to the creation of...



An online group transformation program for leveraging LinkedIn to build your audience of perfect people, gain high visibility as an expert, and attract a predictable stream of high-quality leads...all while being your unique and authentic self. 

  • • Build a LinkedIn audience of the RIGHT people so that you can be seen by the decision makers who can hire you and will pay you what you are worth.

  • • Keep your pipeline packed with high-quality leads so you consistently land amazing clients who you actually like and truly appreciate your skills and superpowers.

  • • Enjoy painless marketing and sales without sending spammy messages so that you can feel good about yourself as an honest, non-manipulative business owner.

  • • Gain complete control over your lead flow so that you have predictable and consistent cash flow. Whenever you want a client, you can bring them in...just like a faucet you can turn on whenever you need to do so. 

What Sets LinkedIn Lead Mastery Apart...

The sad truth is that most online programs are overfilled with participants, have no meaningful access to the expert running it, and do more to make the marketer revenue than to give the participants real RESULTS. Typically, these programs make BIG promises but woefully underdeliver when it comes to any type of sustainable strategies or systems.
I've gotten burned by them. I'm sure you have as well.

 In contrast, I have 20+ years of helping business owners market their companies online. I know how to get my clients results. And I am committed to showing up for you to support you and answer your questions. I'll work with you to show you how to implement marketing strategies on LinkedIn that not are not only effective in the short term, but are sustainable over time.

You get 12 months of access to weekly coaching from me in our private Facebook group to ask specific questions about your business, stucks, and goals. I will help you move through whatever comes up. Not only will I help you grow your LinkedIn lead machine quickly, but I will also be your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner. You'll also be able to connect with other motivated entrepreneurs who will help you increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

Basically, I will surround you with pure, unfiltered awesomeness.

Get crystal clear on your remarkability

You'll get complete clarity on how to finetune your personal branding strategy on LinkedIn so that you are completely differentiated from your competition and positioned as the Go-To authority in your niche. You will use this to transform your LinkedIn profile into a right-fit lead love letter that captivates your audience making them reach out to you, credit card in hand.

Build your audience of perfect people

I'll show you how to build and nurture an audience of your perfect people on LinkedIn. My system gets the RIGHT people to notice you, follow you, and believe you are the very best person to help them get the results they crave. You'll learn to create regular content that positions you as an authority and entices leads to reach out asking, "How can I hire with you?" 

Pack that pipeline with leads you love

Having a full pipeline is the fastest way to give you the predictable revenue you crave. It takes you off the roller-coaster cash flow cycles and puts you in complete control of making decisions about your business direction. LinkedIn Lead Mastery will show you exactly how you take full control of your lead flow through your LinkedIn content and direct messaging.  

Land high-value clients on command

After helping hundreds of business owners improve their marketing and sales systems, I've created a full-throttle system that eliminates the guesswork of landing premium clients on LinkedIn. You'll learn to create marketing messages that clearly communicate your value and authority. LinkedIn Lead Mastery will teach you to confidently land premium clients when you want.



Here's how we'll go from dry pipeline to a steady flow of high-quality dream clients...


Magnetize High-Quality, Right-Fit Clients

I will introduce you to my proven 4-Lever LinkedIn Framework and how each lever works. You will get complete clarity on your income goals, ideal premium clients, the problems you solve, and how to position yourself as an expert on LinkedIn.


Understanding the LI Algorithm & Your Settings

I'm going to explain why the way MOST entrepreneurs use LinkedIn doesn't work and how you should be working the Algorithm to get maximum visibility. We'll go over all of your settings for MAXIMUM visibility and LinkedIn best practices so you avoid all of the common pitfalls that kill your reach (meaning the number of people who see you).


Power Profile to Attract "Ready-To-Buy" Clients

We will transform your entire profile into a powerful foundation for your brand that positions you as the Go-To Authority in your industry and is a "love letter" to your right-fit leads so they are completely magnetized by you as the person they should hire. Your profile will do all the work for you without complicated funnels or ads.


Creating and Nurturing a Cash-Generating Audience

Grow an audience of people who will hire you, refer you, promote you, and invite you to be on their podcasts & stages. Learn to nurture relationships so they look to you as the expert who can solve their problems. I'll show you how to level up your network so you stay top of mind in your community of loyal fans (1,000 engaged people is insanely powerful when it comes to garnering an "avalanche of eyeballs)!!


Marketing Like a Million-Dollar Business Owner

Learn how to write content that converts your audience into high-quality leads along with the emotions that are the true game changer. You'll be able to drive huge views and engagement on your posts so you get maximum visibility. I'll show you how to write all of my 5 Content Categories: Content Drivers, Credibility & Proof Posts, Value & Authority Posts, List Builders, and Posts That Convert (Ka-ching!) I even have a lesson where you look over my shoulder as I write a post and walk you through EXACTLY my thought process.


Direct Messaging: Your Hidden "Backyard" Gold Mine

I've found 99% marketers do this wrong. And I either see 1) coaches and consultants teaching people to be spammy jerks OR 2) Simply tell people "Avoid it so you won't be a spammy jerk." Both approaches are wrong. A big chunk of my income would have never come my way if I had taken either approach. I'll teach you how to actually have conversations with people using Direct Messages and treat your potential clients like the wonderful human beings they actually are!


Leveraging Others' Audiences: My Rhino Bird Strategy

I'll teach you how to leverage other people's audiences and people in LI groups (ethically and with integrity). I have a few cool hacks to adding amazing right-fit people to YOUR audience without having to do much work to find them. I call it my Rhino-Bird strategy and it is very powerful. I'll also show you several other "hacks" that will help you to catapult your LI presence.


Videos that Excite Your Dream Clients to Buy From You

I'll show you all of the tips and tricks to making a good video on LinkedIn. You'll learn what works and what doesn't. I'll answer the questions I know you have like "What do I talk about?", "How long should they be?", What equipment should I use?", "What about captions?" and so on.  I'm also going to go over the very best ways to leverage them to reinforce your brand, build your authority, and fill your pipeline.



Bonus 1
Your 7-Figure Mindset

I'll teach you my strategies to rapidly build confidence in your own abilities so you feel completely comfortable talking to any lead and telling them about the value you provide.

You'll level up your certainty and throw away limiting beliefs such as unworthiness, imposter syndrome, and scarcity. Your new mindset will allow you to step into your power, communicate your expertise, and embrace your  brilliance.

Bonus 2
Headline Generator Guide

Never be stuck on how to start a post again. I have a Headline Generator Guide. There are 50+ proven formulas in this that you can use again and again to create amazing Headlines and Hooks for your post. You just plug in your unique audience and niche and away you go!
Bonus: You can use these same Headline Formulas for email subject lines, sales pages, and blog post titles that readers cannot resist!!

Bonus 3
My 10 Best Performing LI Posts plus 50 Comment-Driver Posts

You'll get my top 10 best-performing posts on LinkedIn which you can use as a model to write your own posts. Or, you can swipe them, tweak them, and post them as your own.

I will also give you 50 Comment Driver posts that you can use as is, or - if they don't exactly fit your niche - easily tweak them to fit your audience's interests. This is going to save you so much time!

Here's Everything You Get With
LinkedIn Lead Mastery

  • 20+ LinkedIn Lead Mastery videos & lessons breaking down every step, strategy and process on how to build a presence on LinkedIn, grow your visibility, fill your pipeline, and magnetize premium clients.
  •  My 4-Lever LinkedIn Framework that shows how to be masterful at all aspects of LinkedIn including your profile, your content, Direct Messaging, creating sizzling videos, and more!
  • Direct Messaging that works. Almost 99% of entrepreneurs are doing this wrong and annoying others, but with my non-salesy approach, you'll make friends, get referrals, and land clients.
  • Guides, templates, checklists, swipe files. All the stuff to help you successfully implement.
  • LIVE weekly Q&A calls with Wendy to get all of your LI questions answered so you can keep moving forward and take action.
  • Lifetime access to the program along with any updates, revisions, and bonuses. I keep an eye on the LI algorithm and give you all my latest tips!
  • Private Facebook group with 12 months of access to coaching with Wendy and support from other entrepreneurs. This community is where the magic happens, new strategies develop, and accountability is kept. In short, you get the help, support, and community you need!
  • BONUS: Wendy's Data Tracker spreadsheet and Lead Tracker Trello Board. I provide these easy-to-use but powerful systems so you can manage your metrics and leads with ease. 
  •  BONUS: How to Launch a Program on LI My powerful LI Launch Formula will show you how to get people enrolled into your training, Challenge, Webinar and then sell your program like hotcakes.
  •  BONUS Mindset Mastery to level up your confidence in marketing and sales. You will throw away your limiting beliefs such as unworthiness, imposter syndrome, and money is evil. 
  •  BONUS Headline Formula Generator so that you can write hooks on all of your posts  that get your audience to read, engage, and act.

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This is a system that brings you new premium leads to you today, and for the life of your business.

Here’s what just a few of my clients have to say...

Christian Nahas

Web Designer

Went from $6K/month to $30K per month

Thanks to Wendy's exceptional expertise, I increased my revenue from a mere $6,000/month to over $30,000/month (and counting) in under 6 months. I highly recommend working with Wendy Maynard if you are serious about growing your business.

Corrales Cachola

Digital Marketer

Wendy will put you above what you thought possible

There are good coaches, great coaches, and then there's Wendy Maynard. Lots of coaches teach mindset. Wendy takes mindset to an entirely new level by matching it with her unique business formulas. But not just any formulas. She has been there, done it, and honed it ten times over with her agency clientele, many of which had revenues in the tens of millions of dollars. She is a true champion of you and your business and is also one of the nicest people you'll meet. 

Jeremy Knauff

SEO Firm Owner

I highly recommend working with Wendy

Wendy is one of of the rare people who invests massive time and energy into giving back. As someone who built a massively successful marketing agency, she definitely knows what she's talking about, and she follows through on her own advice by doing the things she recommends to her clients. I'm grateful to have met Wendy several years ago, and to work with her. Her advice has always been effective and valuable. If you're considering working with her, I highly recommend that you do so. You won't be disappointed.

Seth Donlin

Confidence Coach

Routinely bringing in leads from LinkedIn

After just six weeks of working with Wendy, I'd added over 250 connections, doubled the average reach of my posts and seen my best performing posts achieve 5x the reach of my previous best. Now, I'm adding 100+ targeted connections per week and routinely generating quality leads on LinkedIn!

Maryannae Mbuya

Lead Generation Specialist

Wendy has helped me grow my business

I stayed on the sidelines watching Wendy for almost a year. Then one day she shared a script to use on LinkedIn. I tested it out and in a week I had almost 10 calls booked! I knew I had to work with her so she could help me. She is simply amazing.

Grace Napolitano

Business Coach 

Within 30 days, went to $21K in monthy revenue

Working with Wendy has been the best decision I ever made. Within the first 30 days of working with her I took my $2,000 months to $21,000! She helped me recognize what my true get known factor is and how to consistently share that with my followers. Working with Wendy has been the best decision for myself and my business. The support and confidence she gives me is all I need to know I can grow my business to levels I couldn't imagine before.

Leah Chazan

Web Designer & Strategist

Grew $2K months into $10K+ months on LinkedIn

WOW where to start!! During the entire time that I worked with Wendy, she was always reliable, responsive, and had the smartest solutions to every single dilemma I had! We worked on every aspect of my business, including sales, marketing, systems, mindset, outsourcing and everything in between. She was so supportive of every idea I had and used her vast experience to help me level up my business to places I never would have imagined. She gave and gave and continues to be an amazing source of inspiration, ideas and support. I HIGHLY recommend working with Wendy if you want to bring your business to the places you only dreamed of!!

Shanda Gobelli

Confidence Coach

Her priority is the success of her clients

Wendy is an amazing business coach. Her priority is the success of her clients, and she gives 110%. Wendy shows great compassion, understanding, and tremendous know-how . If you're seeking no-nonsense, integrity-filled powerhouse to get your business on the right track (and keep it moving forward!), nobody is better than Wendy!

Deborah Maverick

Leadership Mentor

Wendy has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise

I've learned so much from Wendy in such a short period of time - she's so generous and knowledgeable with her content! It only takes a few minutes with her for you to understand that she has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online business and marketing. I'm so glad I met her!

Bryan Nguyen

Tax and Financial Strategist

In 6 weeks, went from almost $0 to $15K/month

In the first 3 weeks of working with Wendy , I felt this amazing transformation in me and my business. I saw so much more potential in myself and what I could do. Within about a month and a half, I had my first $15K month. I hadn't done anything close to that in the months prior. The shift was because of the work I did with Wendy. The next month I actually surpassed $15K! She really takes the time to understand you and what you are good at, which other people don't really see. She has a high-touch approach, which is amazing. Thank you Wendy!

Faradel Levine

Financial Consultant

Went to $20K months on Linkedin

I have seen huge successes working with Wendy. I especially love her personal approach. This lady is a genius. If you know me, you know I don't trust anyone. But with Wendy...I think she is the real deal. In the first month of working with Wendy, I made $15K. Wendy made me execute on all my ideas. If you have ambition, you should totally work with Wendy. She will really rock you!

Sophia D. Sun

Marketing Copywriter

Learned to land clients at a premium price

Wendy is an outstanding teacher, trainer, coach, marketer, and motivator. She leads by example, implementing the insightful business acumen she provides in her own work first, ensuring the highest quality offerings for her clients. She is a DO’er with a heart of gold. On top of all that, she’s a brilliant writer equipped with a mind bursting forth with words of goodness. Equally passionate as she is helpful, it’s a privilege to know and work with Wendy

Claudia Minner

Executive Coach

Went from start-up to booking $3K clients on LinkedIn

If there was such a thing as a magic bullet, Wendy Maynard is it. I was starting my business, and even though I had all of the experience of performing my services, I was unsure of how to market myself, gain visibility, and structure my plan. Wendy was overly supportive every step of the way and helped me clarify my vision, gain visibility, AND book premium clients upwards of $3k (and calls are still coming in!) If you are looking for support, a system, strategies, and a true partner in bringing the vision of your successful business to life, call Wendy. You’ll be so glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Again and again, I talk with service-based entrepreneurs who are exceptionally skilled, extremely caring, and insanely smart but are struggling to attract a predictable flow of the ideal clients they need…and they are stuck far below the income they deserve.

it doesn’t have to be that way!

I can help YOU turn your business around leveraging LinkedIn so you bring in more income, make a bigger impact, and have time for the life you want to live. I'm here to show you how to navigate an increasingly complex online world filled with distracting shiny objects and teach you how to build a sustainable marketing strategy that's built on real human relationships. 

It is time to step into your power and own your worth, my friend. This is YOUR time to make your business dreams a reality. Don't wait for permission to get out there and do what you are meant to do. Take action and MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 

It is my passion, my honor, and my joy to serve you in your journey.

All my best, Wendy

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