How to Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet

how to create an irresistible lead magnet

If you are looking to convert your web visitors and social media followers into paying clients, it starts with an irresistible lead magnet.

A lead magnet takes your audience’s BIG problem, and either solves it quickly, or gives them guidance on achieving long-lasting results.

It’s a piece of content that establishes YOUR credibility as an expert in your field, and drives your audience to take action if they want what you’ve got to give.

It’s a taste. A sample.

A lead magnet is an irresistible (and easily accessible) morsel of information that gives your audience a preview of the incredible value you have to offer.

And it can be one of the more effective ways for entrepreneurs/business owners/marketers to quickly build their lists with engaged and right-fit subscribers. 

How does a lead magnet build my email list?

You give people something for free in exchange for their name and email list. 

In addition, you get permission to keep sending them more and more useful content. 

It’s the spark for a new customer/client relationship.

It should be a piece of content that is easy for you to create, but highly valuable for your prospects.

It should be compelling and bring incredible value to the people who are most likely to purchase your premiere services and/or products. 

It needs to be easy to find and share.

Once these great-fit people sign up for your useful and high-quality freebie, you establish yourself as a thought-leader on your topic.

This means they’ll think of you when they need more help or information. 

This means they’ll come back for more. 

And eventually, they’ll come back to buy.

It’s not always a quick process. A lead magnet is an investment in relationship-building.

And it can also be one of the best ways to launch, and nurture, the client journey to eventually signing on with your one-of-a-kind services.

How do I create an irresistible lead magnet?

You do it the RIGHT way.

Lead magnets fail when they’re too generic or vague, don’t provide enough value, have too many calls to action, or don’t match the services you actually offer.

They succeed when they’re highly relevant, laser-focused, clearly valuable, and functional (as in, your opt-in process is tried-and-tested, and it does the job of collecting contact information).

Things you have to know:

1. Your ideal client

Where they spend time, what they consume, what problem they’re looking to solve with your services, and what their pain points are.

If you need help with this first piece, head over to >> Define Your Ideal Customers and Rapidly Increase Your Income for an exercise in pinpointing your ideal audience.

2. The type of lead magnet you want to create

Lead magnets come in all shapes and sizes. 

Gauge the best way (or ways) for your audience to digest your content, and weigh that alongside what you have the ability to produce (videos, PDFs, infographics, etc.).  

Some ideas for types of lead magnets:

‘How-to’ videos

Step-by-step guides

Online courses






Private groups

Free trials


And lastly, I love Content Upgrades as a lead magnet that works hand-in-hand with your blogs posts. Start with introductory information in the post, and then — BAM! — offer the tools to help your reader reach the next steps. If you’re a nutritionist, you might offer 50 free recipes. If you’re a trainer, maybe you introduce your online video series. These types of lead magnets are so wonderfully powerful, I’ve written an entire blog post dedicated to Content Upgrades here

3. What you want your opt-in to do

Your lead magnet should initiate a trade: your valuable expertise for their valuable contact information.

Whether your trade is in the form of a phone number, email, etc. know how you’re going to collect their information. 

Typically, it’s an opt-in form. But it might also be a direct message on social media, or a phone call.

Choose the best way to be in touch with leads who want what it is you’re sellin,’ and then set up (and test!) your systems.

The more automated, the better. The easier, the better. The simpler, the better.

Want to learn more about creating your first lead magnet (plus 50 LM ideas?!)? Head over to >> How To Create a Lead Magnet 

The Lead Magnet Power Checklist

If you’re looking for clear, step-by-step instructions on creating a lead magnet like a pro and setting your list-building on fire, here ya go.

I’ve created a Lead Magnet Power Checklist to show you exactly how to create a lead magnet – the RIGHT way.

It shows you how to develop lead magnets that are so compelling, so alluring, that your web visitors and social media connections simply MUST download them.

The Lead Magnet Power Checklist will help you create high-converting lead magnets that will quickly build your list and grow your impact and revenue.

Investing time in creating lead magnets WILL bring you more clients, and WILL do the job of marketing your services to those you want to attract.

If you don’t have a lead magnet yet, now’s the time to get ‘er done!

And if you want even more one-on-one guidance on bringing your first (or next) lead magnet to life, get in touch

I work with clients of all sizes to grow their audiences, simplify their systems and scale their incomes. 

Lead magnets are just one way.

Schedule a time, and let’s talk.

>> Schedule a call with Wendy 

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