How to Create a Mini-Course

What if you could create an irresistible Mini Course—in just 7 days?

(even if you have a small audience or have never created a digital product before.)

Or let me rephrase that...

  • What if, in under a week, you could add a digital asset to your business—a client-magnetizing Mini-Course—that simultaneously grows your list, injects cash into your business every month, and helps you sell your higher-ticket services and offers?

And what if it’s an easy-to-create asset that allows you to stop trading hours for dollars and minimizes the numbers of sales calls you have to do before they say YES to working with you?

Now you can.

  • If you are building an online business around your area of expertise (i.e. you’ve got something to teach people) and want to learn to monetize your knowledge, then a Mini Course is your fastest path to cash!
  • Here’s how to create a Mini-Course that does all of that and more!

You know digital products break you free from trading hours for dollars...

However, you're constantly getting stuck and second-guessing yourself...
Tell me, do any of the things below sound familiar? 👇

  • ☑️ You’ve tried creating a full-blown signature course. But it takes way too much time—you can’t get it done!
  • ☑️ You are great at what you do, but it’s a struggle to get your thoughts organized into a cohesive digital product.
  • ☑️ You want your digital product out there NOW so you can bring in income this week, not in months from today. 
  • ☑️  You don’t have a clear plan, you’re not sure how to sell it, and it’s exhausting trying to figure it all out.
  • ☑️ You haven’t (yet) built up a community or list who trusts you enough to buy your digital products
  • ☑️ Perfectionism and imposter syndrome keep kicking in, causing you anxiety about your credibility and expertise.

Let's get you unstuck and monetize your knowledge!

Mini-Course Mastery

This easy-to-follow blueprint will show you how to finally create your mini-course in record time.

With Mini-Course Mastery, you can:

Skip freebies. Get paid.

Instead of packing your list with a bunch of freebie seekers who always have price objections and NEVER actually buy from you, selling a mini-course ensures you are building a list of high-target buyers.

Make money, quickly.

Mini Courses are fast to create so you can quickly inject cash into your business. Unlike a big Signature Course that takes months (if you ever finish it!), you can create and start selling your Mini Course in 7 days!

Prime 'em to buy more.

Mini courses create an entry-level gateway to your higher-priced offers that create desire in your customers and moves them through a “Yes!” funnel so they can’t wait to buy the next thing from you.

Receive revenue day after day, month after month without trading hours for dollars.

Now you can! Get your digital product out in the world (in 7 days or less)
with Mini-Course Mastery.

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how Mini Courses changed my life (and no, that’s not an exaggeration!)

Hi, I’m Wendy Maynard. 👋 

Two years into my online business journey, I got a divorce and then the global pandemic put us all into quarantine. I became a single mom with two elementary-aged kids at home, trying to entertain them and help them try to manage remote classes via Zoom.

Needless to say, the way I had been working—with lots of regularly-scheduled client coaching calls each week—was NOT going to work any longer.

So I started creating digital courses.
And while I dreamed of going big, I started small.

By starting with mini-courses and going bigger later.
Which allowed me to build the multi-six-figure business I have today.

I built my audience, I built my list, and I built my authority at the same time I was making money from my mini-courses. I was able to break free from trading hours for dollars so I could spend more time with my kids.

Freedom of time. Freedom of location. Freedom of finances

And now I’m sharing with you the same exact strategies that I used with this complete program on how to create a Mini-Course in just 7 days (or less!).

So that you can have the same freedom.

It's all inside Mini-Course Mastery

I’ve learned so much from Wendy – she’s so generous and knowledgeable with her content! It only takes a few minutes with her for you to understand that she has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online business and marketing. I’m so glad I met her!

Deborah Maverick

Working with Wendy as a business coach was wonderful! She is supportive, strategic and was the guidance I needed. I cannot say enough good things about Wendy.  If you’re looking to grow your business, your mindset and learn from someone who has been in the game for a LONG time- Wendy is your woman!

Kerry DeLiz

There are good coaches, great coaches, and then there’s Wendy. Wendy will put you way above what you thought was possible for yourself because she knows how to get it done, no matter your industry. She is a true champion of you and your business and is also one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Corrales Cachola

And you don't need to blow your entire marketing budget on this, either!

I don't want you to spend one more day stuck on how to monetize your knowledge.

(Which is why I'm basically giving away over $1,000 of value.)

Here's what's waiting for you inside Mini-Course Mastery:

Step 1:
Finding Your Profitable Mini-Course Topic

Step 2:
Map Out Your Mini-Course Curriculum & Add-Ons

Step 3:
Finding Your Profitable Mini-Course Topic

Step 4:
Map Out Your Mini-Course Curriculum & Add-Ons

Within 30 days, went to $21K in monthly revenue

Working with Wendy has been the best decision I ever made. Within the first 30 days of working with her, I took my $2,000 months to $21,000! She helped me recognize what my true get known factor is and how to consistently share that with my followers.

Grace Napolitano

Sales Coach

But wait... there's BONUSES too!

In addition to the entire Mini-Course Mastery system, I'm throwing in
4 powerful bonuses to help you fast track your Mini-Course results:


The Mini-Course Planning Board

We are going to speed up this already-lightning-fast Mini-Course planning process. Are you ready?

Steal the exact Trello board I use to power up lesson mapping. This is perfect for those of you who get stuck with organizing your ideas and want to learn how to speed up your process.

Copy this into your own account for free and then edit it to match your own needs.


The Sales Page Builder

I know that it can be difficult to understand how all of the parts of your Mini-Course sales page fit together. This step-by-step visual guide takes all the guesswork out of it. It is going to save you so much time and energy!

Sales page prompts and a visual map complement that main training in Mini-Course Mastery to show you where to put your copy and in what order so you never have to feel sales page overwhelm again! The better your sales page, the more Mini Courses you will sell!


"Stand-Out Naming" Workshop

In marketing and sales, names matter. A great name differentiates you and increases your conversions. But it can be painstakingly slow if you don’t have a tried and trued approach. I’ve got you covered in this short, easy-to-follow bonus workshop.

You’ll learn all my secrets so you can create memorable names for your Mini-Course and frameworks. I also include a Namestorming worksheet and Power Words idea bank to make it even easier.


Mini-Course Sales Page Template

Easily create a free Sales Page for your Mini-Course or Digital Product in minutes! You will have no tech trouble using my sales page template because there is NO WEBSITE REQUIRED: your sales page is hosted in Canva (I show you exactly how to do it).

I’ve structured this Sales Page template to showcase your Mini-Course, content, pricing, testimonials, call to action, and more! The template is fully customizable – you can easily add your brand and personality. Add your content and links, change colors, text, and images!!!

My best week in a long time! I made $3,600 and
3 of my new clients are TOTAL STRANGERS!!!! 

Wendy Taylor

My funnel is full of prospects! Summer has never been this busy. Thank you, Wendy! 🙏

Christian Nahas

Wendy cuts right to the important action steps that will give you the fastest route to growth. 

Amber Brooks

Time to create your magnetizing Mini-Course that will bring you new clients, create ongoing cash flow, and sell your higher-ticket offers!

Ready to create your "Easy Yes" Mini-Course offer?


Total Value = $1,576



Hi there! I'm Wendy.

I help online solopreneurs share their expertise with the world through digital courses, group programs, and high-level offerings. I’ve helped clients 10x their revenues, enjoy 5-figure launches, sell-out their online programs, and book out their services months in advance.

For more than 18 years, I owned a marketing firm which I helped grow to the multi-million dollar level. Then started this online business, which has hit multiple-6 figures several years in a row. As a result of my online success, I’ve been able to have more flexibility to be at home with my kids, buy my dream house, and save up for my retirement. 

And I want to help you reach the same level of financial and time freedom. Enroll in Mini-Course Mastery and let’s make it happen!


This is a small-dollar offer with BIG results.

(It's been called the "best $47 ever spent.")

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes indeed it is! The content in this program is easily worth $1,497 (or MORE!) and – at some point – I may increase the price. But right now, my focus is on helping as many people as possible to get started with digital products. Digital products create so much freedom and a Mini-Course is particularly powerful for attracting quality buyers into your world and priming them to buy more from you.

A mini-course can work for just about any industry and niche including business, health and wellness, parenting, home and garden, mindset, outdoor and recreation, finance and wealth, and so on. Basically, if you have something to teach and you want a way to get paid to build a list of buyers, Mini-Course Mastery is your roadmap.

Yes!! That’s one of the first things we will focus on. Mini-course Mastery will not only help you come up with your irresistible mini-course idea, but it will help you get clarity on which topic is the best fit for your business, audience, and goals.

Tiny audience? Just getting started? Then Mini-Course Mastery is exactly what you need! Your small paid offer will actually help you build your mailing list with quality buyers who are primed to purchase your higher-ticket services and courses. You’ll avoid the overwhelm and quickly learn to create Mini Courses your customers will love.

Are you a more experienced entrepreneur with a bigger list and audience, and worried this is just for the newbies? Good news, my friend! This program dives in deep and give you a profitable path to running a Mini-Course that not only helps you get paid to add proven buyers to your list, but also shows you how to sell back-end Signature Offers that cost $1K – $10K+. Mini-Course Mastery will make your course creation efforts faster and more efficient too.

As soon as you join, you’ll get an email with log-in instructions to create your account in our learning platform. Once that’s completed, you’ll get immediate access to all of the lessons and bonuses in Mini-Course Mastery. You get lifetime access to all of the lessons along with any updates or additions (even if we raise the prices, you don’t have to pay another dime!).

Nope! In Mini-Course Mastery, I walk you through a variety of easy-to-use tools including some free, simple options. You get to choose what fits best for you right now. By the end of this short program, you’ll have a mini-course, a simple sales funnel, and easy ways to sell it again and again without ads. You can always layer in ads, if you choose, in the future.

No. This is an online digital course that you can access in its entirety immediately. Once access is given, it’s irrevocable. We stand behind the value in this workshop so please decide carefully before purchasing as we do not offer refunds.

Grab Mini-Course Mastery and start making passive income!


Total Value = $1,576



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