Entrepreneurs: What You Must Understand About Challenges

ntrepreneurs: What you must understand about challenges

Why you must understand “The snowball effect”

If you are a new entrepreneur, you are facing a lot of challenges so you should understand the snowball effect.

If you have been an entrepreneur for a long time, the snowball effect applies to you for each new benchmark you want to hit.

Regardless of the stage of your business, building the mass is more difficult at first. 

Take blogging as an example of a challenge entrepreneurs face.

At first, you have a handful of blog posts with no traffic (except your mom and she doesn’t count). 

This is the beginning of pushing your snowball up the hill and it takes a lot of sweat, frustration, perseverance, and faith.

You write more blog posts and you optimize them. They begin to get indexed in Google. You start to see a tiny uptick in traffic. 

You keep writing more blog posts. 

You begin to post them on your Facebook page. You Tweet them. You Pin them on your Pinterest boards. 

Google indexes more. 

You get more traffic.

Your snowball is nearing the top of the hill. But it’s still really hard work with not a lot of result.

You gain momentum with your snowball

At some point, you get to the top of the hill and push your snowball over. 

Now you have tons of blog posts. Google loves your posts. People recognize you as an expert in X. They link to your blog. They ask you to be on podcasts. 

You don’t stop doing the work, but it is much easier.

You have systems. You have momentum. You have an audience. You have tons of traffic. 

Everything in business is like this. At every stage. 

The more you do now, the more committed you are to your efforts – even before you see the effects – the more it will pay dividends in the future.

I’ve worked with brand new solopreneurs and I’ve worked with the CEOs of companies with hundreds of employees. 

The snowball effect always holds true.

You must sweat, persevere, and push through the frustration. 

You must consistently implement (keep on pushing that snowball) and have faith that you’ll eventually get the momentum.

The most successful people are not the most skilled. They are not the smartest at what they do. They have no special gift that you do not. 

They are merely the most stubborn. 

Whatever snowball you are wrestling up the hill right now, keep at it.

You got this.

Tell me, what snowball are you pushing up the hill right now?


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