LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs: How to Write the Perfect About (Summary)

LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs: How to Write the Perfect About (Summary)

Entrepreneurs: Craft a Powerful LinkedIn Profile Summary

Maybe you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by LinkedIn.

It’s not working for you the way it does for others.

Or you’ve haven’t hopped on the LinkedIn train yet (even though you know you should).

Either way, if you’re not getting outstanding results with Linkedin, I’m here to tell you that you can.

Because Linkedin is my #1 favorite marketing tool for entrepreneurs.

Nowhere else will you find such a concentrated digital assembly of high-end, high-quality business leads looking for professional services JUST LIKE YOURS.

Not Facebook. Not Instagram.

Your next high-quality, dream client is out there on LinkedIn, I promise you.

Your LinkedIn Profile Summary is the Foundation

Right now what do people see on your LinkedIn Profile Summary?

A slightly-blurry headshot?

A boilerplate description?

A wall of text explaining ALL THE THINGS you do for ALL THE PEOPLE?

Hint: that’s not helping you, it’s hurting you.

I see so many entrepreneurs making mistakes on LinkedIn.

The good news is these mistakes are easy to correct.

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Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile Summary

Your very first step is mastering your LinkedIn Profile Summary.

As an entrepreneur, you want to craft a profile designed to generate leads, not bolster your career.

Follow the steps in this article and you’ll be on your way to attracting a steady stream of clients and moolah on the regular.

1. Your LinkedIn Headline should grab attention and differentiate your services

I see so many people with lackluster, generic, un-optimized headlines.

Your headline is prime real estate.

First, make sure you put a keyword at the very beginning of your headline.


First of all, LinkedIn operates as a search engine and helps you get found.

Second, Linkedin cuts off part of your headline in comments, recommended profiles, etc.

If you save your big results until the end of your headline, there’s a chance people won’t see it.

Lastly, think beyond the “I help…” statement.

The service attitude is great — don’t get me wrong.

But save it for your About section.

So many people start with “I help…” or “Helping people to X…”

It’s been done. It’s a bit cliche.

It takes up valuable headline space. You can do better.

Cut to the chase.

What do you do for your clients gives them transformative results?

Lead with that!

2. Make Your LinkedIn Profile Photo Pop

The majority of LinkedIn users access the site or app from their phones.

That means your profile photo is going to be teeny-tiny on their screens (about ¼ of an inch around).

So how to make your itty-bitty photo have a BIG impact?

First, make sure it’s high quality. No grainy, dark selfies.

And make sure your headshot takes up most of the screen.

If you do a full-body photo, no one will be able to tell what you look like or who you are.

Think about adding a pop of color.

I use to upload photos, and then replace the backgrounds with either another design, or a bright color (mine is my brand color, orange).

This way, my avatar is instantly recognizable, whether it’s on a small screen or on post comments.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile photo is your digital identity. It’s your first impression.

Make sure it’s not the last (or only) impression by making it stand out!

3. Put Your Offer Front + Center on Your LinkedIn Profile

I see this ALL THE TIME.

Linkedin members either leave their cover image blank (using LI’s default), or use a photo with ZERO brand recognition or calls to action.

So unexciting. Such a missed opportunity. Sad, sad, sad.

Your cover image is prime real estate for showcasing your offer at the very top of your page — don’t let it go to waste!

Include your one-of-a-kind message in your cover image, whether it’s your slogan, special offer, superpower or website link.

And no, you don’t need to be a Photoshop guru to add text layover to your cover photo.

There are a ton of easy-to-use online resources like Canva or PicMonkey that allow you to upload an image that meets LI’s specs (1584 x 396 pixels), and then edit/design as you see fit.

Just like your headline and profile photo, remember: keep it simple, keep it readable on small devices.

Don’t obliterate all the usable space with text for days, BUT definitely use the area to share what you do or offer in 1-2 awesome sentences.

4. Attract Clients with the “About” Section of Your Profile

This is where your “I help…” statement comes in.

Use your About section to explain ALL YOU CAN DO to help your clients.

Include your main message and call to action up top, address your clients’ pain points, and then talk about how you deliver transformative results.

Oddly enough, your About description is less about you than it is about THEM.

Use this area to explain why hiring you is going to be a no-brainer. Why they’re going to LOVE the results they get from working with you.

And please, no wall of text.

Bullet points, white space and well-placed emojis are your friends.

They’ll keep your visitors’ attention, make your content easily digestible, and allow people to read what you have to say on mobile screens.

Want an example? Here’s mine: Wendy Maynard — Linkedin Profile

5. Ask For Recommendations on LinkedIn

If an LI member scrolls down far enough on your profile page, they’ll land on your Recommendations.

This area is the clincher.

It’s where “social proof” takes the reins and backs up everything you’ve said in your headline and description.

It’s your personal word-of-mouth billboard.

Testimonials are everything — on your website, your Google My Business page, etc. It’s true on Linkedin, too.

So make asking for recommendations on LinkedIn a part of your regular workflow.

Maybe you always ask in a followup email after successfully launching a project live. Or maybe you do a blanket email to all your new clients once per quarter.

Just get it on your calendar, and do it.

If you’re asking in an email, include a link to your LI profile page to make it easy.

Or, ask in the LinkedIn platform with the handy-dandy “Ask For Recommendation” button on your page.

Start typing a Connection’s name, choose from the dropdown, and then send a custom message asking if they’d be willing to leave feedback on your page.

You’ll be amazed at how often people are absolutely willing to do this, especially if you regularly follow through with delivering your game-changing results.

Want To Keep Going on LinkedIn?

This is the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

I have SO MUCH MORE to share with you to shift your Linkedin game from ho-hum gear to multiplying-your-income gear.

It is hands-down my favorite tool for reaching high-quality clients who understand the value of (and gladly pay for!) premium services.

Sign up now for my free Get Visible, Get Clients Challenge. It’s 5 days of video training and coaching to show you exactly how to get your LI profile set up, create content that converts, and packs your pipeline with right-fit leads.

If you’re ready to dig into the LinkedIn goldmine, I’m here to give you the framework to build your audience, gain visibility, and finally attract the level of income you’ve been pining for.

See you there!

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