Define Your Ideal Customers and Rapidly Increase Your Income

Ideal clients will boost your income

Just imagine this for a moment

You enjoy an abundance of incredible leads calling you because they’ve heard about how good you are at what you do.

They are dying to work with you and are willing to pay a premium price for your services.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, it’s absolutely possible. And it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or you’ve been in business for a while.

It just requires following a step-by-step formula.

And the very first step in that formula is to attract the right people who will get the most value out of working with you.

These are the people who love your process, your personality, and how you show up for them.

They are also the people who NEVER talk to you disrespectfully or pay you late or ask for discounts (I call these the P.I.T.A clients and none of us have time for that nonsense!).


Get clarity on your dream client

It’s crucial to become intimately familiar with your ideal clients.

I like to refer to your ideal clients as your WHO.

And determining your WHO – the people you are going to serve – is a major decision that you must make in order to grow your business quickly.

It’s also crucial if you want to charge premium prices for your services.

Here are several reasons why getting crystal clear on WHO you serve is essential:

1. Content creation becomes easier.

You want to be able to create all of the content on your blog and website so that it targets your WHO.

If you don’t have clarity and create content that is all over the place because you are trying to appeal to a wide range of people, your WHO will not be interested and CLICK! they are gone from your blog, website, social media page, etc.

When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.

All of your time and effort spent creating content is completely wasted.

2. Clarity on your WHO helps elevate you to expert status

To build your influence and audience, you want to get known for your unique expertise.

But, if you create content that is trying to appeal to everyone, then no one will be able to understand what your expertise is in.

Carving out a niche is always a quicker path to cash. Specialists make more money than generalists.

And in order to get known as “The Go-To Gal/Guy for X,” you must create content that is laser focused on your niche. It should directly solve the problems that your WHO faces.

And whatever you think your niche is, there is always room to go a little further. When I coach clients on this, I always encourage them to make a deeper dive into their vertical focus.

For example, perhaps you are a financial planner. That’s great to know.

But, if you get real clarity on your dream client, then you’ll have to go further. What if you position yourself as a financial planner for Millennial women who have high-paying corporate jobs and want to retire before the age of 50.

When you have that level of clarity, do you see how easy it would be to create targeted content and get known as THE number one expert serving that WHO?

3. It’s easier to find where your WHO hang out

To effectively market to your WHO, you must be able to find them.

So, let’s say that you are a virtual assistant. And you decide that you want to focus on helping real estate brokers who sell commercial properties.

Now that you are clear on your WHO, you can go to tradeshows, conferences, and networking groups to meet them. You can search for groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit.

And the great news? Because you’ve niched down and gotten clarity on your WHO, you will not be competing in a HUGE field of other VAs who are generalists. You will be one of the only VAs targeting this vertical.

As a result, you will be in high demand. Especially once the word gets around that you really know the commercial real estate industry.

You’ll get to know their lingo and the types of forms they need and the best software and how to help them do specific things that only commercial realtors need to do.

You will be their savior.

Can you just imagine how many commercial real estate brokers would LOVE to have a VA who is a specialist in their industry?

How to get clarity on your DREAM CLIENTS

Ok, so here is how you do you get a clear picture of your WHO:

Fully and clearly define the person most likely to buy and get value from your services and products.

Visualize him or her. This is just one person.

Imagine you are sitting together having coffee.

Describe this person in full detail from demographic details to her/his emotional make-up.

Write down their desires, needs, and aspirations.

What does he value and appreciate in life? What does she do on her days off? What is his hobby? What is her personality like? Give her or him a name.

Next, pinpoint your ideal customers’ pain points!

You are in business because you provide solutions to your customers. You’ve got the expertise and the answers to a specific set of problems.

That doesn’t mean you understand your buyers’ true motivation for buying—or that you understand how to market and sell to them.

This is why you must take the time to figure out what is a struggle for them.

Once you really, truly understand their challenges, you will be able to easily create content and products/services they will crave (and will read and share like crazy).

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why does my buyer need my offering?
  • What frustrates my buyer in his her business or life —and how does my offering help?
  • What does my buyer not like about my competitors?
  • What is causing my buyer to waste time, spend money, lose profits, eat poorly, stay in debt, continue to be in bad relationships, etc.?

Once you understand your ideal clients’ pain points, you can easily create services that will solve them.

Create a paragraph about your ideal client

Once you’ve done all of the pieces above, write a paragraph that helps you get to know her/him.

For example, a fitness trainer might write the following about her ideal customer

Maria is a 44-year-old married mother of two teenagers. In the last 15 years, being a mom and working has given her little time to work out and she doesn’t eat very well. She tends to grab a lot of fast food because it’s quick and easy. And she eats lots of sweets in the evening. Maria is very sedentary and has tried multiple diets without success. She is currently 75 pounds overweight. Maria is ready to make huge changes in her diet and exercising habits. She is tired of feeling unattractive and not having much energy.  

Tell me in the comments…

Who is your dream client and what is your niche?

Can you take your niche any further?

If you are still working quite broadly, what is keeping you from defining your dream client? What is keeping you from choosing a niche?

How can I help you? Put your questions or concerns down in the comments, and I’ll answer them all personally!

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