Personal branding: What we can learn from Daenerys Stormborn

I’m a Game of Thrones nerd. (In fact, I wrote another blog post called 3 Business Lessons I learned from Tyrion Lannister)

So far, I’ve watched the series twice and read the books twice (which if you’ve read any of George R.R. Martin’s tomes, you know this is a BIG commitment).

And I haven’t grown tired of it. The characters are flawed and fascinating and multi-dimensional.

Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryen is a favorite of mine. She is not only the Mother of Dragons, but she is also the Master of branding.

Here’s her story in a nutshell…

When we first see Dany, she is a frightened, young girl trying to survive her abusive and manipulative brother, Viserys. He marries her off to the violent leader of the wild, horse-riding Dothraki, Khal Drogo.

So that marriage doesn’t end so well, to put it mildly.

But, instead of letting her bad start get her down, Dany takes matters into her own hands.

Over the course of the story, her journey is primarily focused on growth, overcoming all challenges that she faces, and building an army of warriors who can help her sit on the Iron Throne and rule the 7 kingdoms of Westeros.

Dany starts off with nothing and then builds her influence to the point where she has huge armies of warriors and masses of loyal followers who are willing to help her continue to build her power and achieve her insanely-ambitious goal.

They are magnetically drawn to Daenerys’ personal and authentic brand.

And the really cool thing is that every time Daenerys faced an obstacle, she did the opposite of what most people would do.

She ALWAYS did things the Daenerys way.

Sure, she had some setbacks, but she kept going.

ANd she stayed absolutely authentic and in alignment with her own inner guidance. She didn’t copy anyone’s lead, but instead, was absolutely and completely herself.

And you know what?

In a lot of ways, Dany’s quest to build an empire effectively has a ton in common with the RIGHT WAY to build a profitable business.

A way that leverages your unique and memorable personal brand.

Because – like Dany – when you are committed to being YOU and following the beat of your own drummer, you develop a brand that is absolutely magnetic to your masses of loyal followers {aka, your ideal clients}.

Claim your own power. Build a following of people who adore YOU for being YOU.

And if you are ready to learn what it really takes to build a personal brand that attracts your ideal clients, join me in my Business Profit Formula group program.

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