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Wendy "Content" Maynard

What others are saying about Wendy:

Wendy is a great instructor and motivator...

I was totally blown away. So so glad I connected with Wendy. I highly recommend her as an expert on getting visible and getting clients.

LANA MELNICHUK  //  Career Coach

I cannot say enough good things about Wendy...

Wendy is supportive, strategic and was the guidance I needed when pivoting my business. I was able to grow my audience, learn how to write much better content that attracts ideal clients and use social media in a way that is not cheesy or overtly sales-y.

KERRY DELIZ // Money Mentor

I've learned so much from Wendy in a short time...

 She's so generous and knowledgeable with her content! It only takes a few minutes with her for you to understand that she has a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to online business and marketing. I'm so glad I met her!

DEBORAH MAVERICK  //  Leadership Mentor

Wendy is an exceptional business coach...

Wendy drives deep into the heart of complex business issues and bring clarity. She continually provides actionable advice that consistently works. What differentiates her from so many in her field is the simple fact she genuinely cares about her clients.