Business Growth: 5 Barriers That Are Stunting Your Entrepreneurial Success

Break through the barriers to business success

Here’s a variation of the same phrase I hear time and time again when meeting with new clients:

“I know I need to make a change, I just haven’t done it yet.”

My next question is invariably, “Why not?”

And this is where the floodgates open.

There are a TON of reasons entrepreneurs give for their inaction when it comes to business.

They’re overwhelmed, tired, unsure, nervous, jaded, doubtful…and the list goes on.

The thing all these excuses have in common is that they’ve led to inaction.

They’ve effectively stalled business growth.

These business owners (who are brilliant in other ways and passionate about what they do) are completely blocked.

They’ve operated on the hope that something will change for their business, eventually, rather than taking the steps to actively make change happen.

In other words, they’re frozen.

And the reason? They’re up against an emotional barricade.

These barriers are holding them back, killing productivity, occupying their time and energy, and leaving them exhausted, unable to focus clearly on the necessary steps to make their businesses into money-making, results-driven powerhouse machines.

Here Are The Top 5 Common Emotional Barriers That Paralyze Business Success

#1: Fear is holding back your business growth

In my experience, fear is the #1 emotional barrier that prevents businesses from succeeding, and limits how you think, believe, and feel about what you have to offer.

Fear can rear its ugly head as procrastination, perfectionism, insecurity, anxiety, worry, unworthiness, powerlessness, or doubt.

And what happens is…nothing. Because you’re thinking of all the reasons you shouldn’t take action.

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • What if I make mistakes along the way?
  • What if I’m wrong?

And so, you play it safe. You don’t make moves, you don’t take risks, and you let these doubts drag you down.

It happens all the time.

Once that changemaker muscle has atrophied, it’s hard to get it working again. Without experiencing successes, without taking risks and benefitting from the outcomes, it’s hard to build confidence in what you do/say/offer/make/sell.

So you get stuck in fear.

If this is an emotional barrier that you are dealing with, make sure you read How to Overcome Fear as an Entrepreneur.

#2: Anger is preventing your business success

Maybe you’ve been burnt before.

Or maybe you’re jaded because your growth efforts X,Y, and Z didn’t pan out like you thought it would.

Or maybe you’ve hired help in the past, and ended up disappointed in the results.

So you stop doing what you’re doing and sit there with your anger.

While you’re stewing with your anger and thinking about how things aren’t turning out the way you thought they would, you’re effectively blocking future growth, too.

Anger leads to resentment, resentment leads to exhaustion, and exhaustion leads to inaction.

This is why people who experience anger in business tend to stay where they are for a long time. Brooding.

It’s a strong emotion to overcome, and one that builds over time if left unchecked. Eventually, it gets to a point where you’re unwilling to make changes because you just know no good is going to come of it.

#3: Envy is keeping you focused on other entrepreneurs

Instead of focusing on all the things that make them unique, effective, talented business owners, entrepreneurs with envy and jealousy focus on what they don’t have. Specifically, what their competitors have that they want.

And then, they make all sorts of excuses why their competitors are succeeding and they “can’t.”

“Well, that great client just landed in their lap.”

“They have more time and money to invest in their business than I do.”

“They have connections that I don’t have.”

Then instead of searching for their own great clients, or investing in their own growth, or building their own great business relationships, they sit.

And pity themselves that they can’t be/look/operate/sell as well as their competitors. And they watch their competition grow.

#4: Frustration is making you too tired to push forward in your business

Every business owner experiences frustration at one time or another. Whether it’s with clients, personnel, software, fate, the world at large…

Having tried and failed somewhere along the lines, frustrated business owners start to feel tired.

Tired of running a rat race.

Tired of always trying to outsmart the competition.

Tired of looking for new leads, new marketing avenues and new programs.

Tired of being tired.

Maybe they’re working with clients they can’t stand, or they’re doing the same thing every day and not seeing results.

Their magic ticket hasn’t shown up, and they’re obviously not getting results with the current status quo.

In my experience, this is the emotion that makes people want to give up.

It’s draining, it’s taxing and it’s uninspiring.

It crowds out the passion and excitement that was there when they first started their business and doesn’t leave room for much else.

#5: Boredom is preventing you from setting business goals


Once you start to feel this way about your business (or relationships, or your lifestyle for that matter), it’s hard to find the spark again.

Boredom shows up as a lack of creativity, a lack of passion, a lack of care.

And it’s contagious.

It’s a plague that can strike a business owner, employees, and even clients if left unchecked.

If it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed in the morning to run your business because you’re bored with the day in and day out, how are you going to inspire your clients to trust and believe in you?

Unfortunately, boredom also breeds a downward cycle of passivity.

Because you’re bored, you become burnt out.

Because you’re burnt out, you’re bored with your business.

And so on.

Overcoming your emotional barriers so you can grow your business

Here’s the thing about all of these emotional barriers: They have no place in a growth mindset.

If you’re going to take your business from average (or below) to outstanding, you’ve got to forget them.

Move past them. Push them aside.

Replace them with appreciation, passion, confidence, curiosity.

Of course, this is WAY easier said than done.

These emotions are deeply rooted and extremely common.

Unfortunately, they can also be reinforced by talking to the same support group about the same issues over and over again.

Eventually, your sounding boards start to rattle back the usual “Uh huh,” and “That’s too bad,” and “You’re right.”

Doesn’t help much, does it?

Instead, it takes daily mindset work to embrace a growth mindset.

I do it everyday. Consistently.

And I also work with clients who are ready to finally bust through their barriers and start growing their businesses once and for all.

No excuses.

No self-sabotaging thought patterns.

No questioning whether you’re capable or worthy or adequate or competent or unique or [fill in the blank here].

I help my clients identify their barriers, and then move past them.

Once they do, they’re ready to take the steps needed to transform their business, work fewer hours, make more money, and find more fulfillment and joy in their work and lifestyles.

Ready to take the next step to grow your business?

Ready to leap the negativity hurdle and get started? Let’s talk!

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