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If you are like many online service entrepreneurs, then you are stuck in an endless cycle of financial struggle because you charge by the hour or sessions. This makes it next to impossible to hit the five-figure monthly mark in your business. Plus it’s incredibly stressful.

Why waste your time charging by the hour when you don't have to do so?

I have a multi-6-figure online business and did this by applying the same Business Profit Formula that I teach my clients - it centers on creating premium-priced Signature Offers that attract high-end clients who pay you what you are worth and are a delight to work with.

You see, when you sell Signature Offers at a premium price, you only have to sell a few each month to hit your income goals. And you can sell a lot more packages than just three or four a month! Premium Signature Offers allow you to quickly and easily get to the six-figure level.

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