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Wendy Maynard is a highly-regarded expert on business growth, branding, and marketing. She works with service-based business owners to grow their businesses online using organic marketing methods. She helps her clients build an Amplified Expert online brand that allows them to quickly build an audience of raving fans, make a bigger impact on more people, and scale their business without sacrificing their freedom.

Wendy co-founded Kinesis, a multi-million-dollar marketing and business consultancy, and sold it in 2017 to start her own consulting and coaching company. She wrote the book Marketing from the Inside Out. You can learn more about her at WendyMaynard.com.

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  • Scaling from 6 to 7-figures without working twice as hard
  • STOP working on the day-to-day tasks in your business and start thinking like a CEO
  • Why so many entrepreneurs struggle with premium pricing and saying "yes" to building real wealth

  • How to build an Amplified Expert brand on Facebook and attract high-paying clients

  • The psychology behind premium pricing

  • Why grit and perseverance are necessary to success (and why it's essential to "build the airplane AS you are flying it"

  • How your mindset stops you from reaching your goals (or helps you crush them).

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