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Why you need a marketing system: Don’t be Booba

My 3-year-old loves this show called Booba.

I don’t know exactly what Booba is – he doesn’t talk but grunts excitedly. He is about a foot tall, has white hair all over him, and has pink feet with 3 toes each.

And there are 2 things I’ve noticed about Booba:

1) He is always curious and goes after anything and everything that interests him and 2) He makes huge messes everywhere he goes.

This reminds me of the way I see a lot of entrepreneurs approach their marketing – they chase bright, shiny objects, are inconsistent with emailing and posting on social media, and their messaging is chaotic.

And then they wonder why they aren’t getting leads.

It’s like Booba taught them marketing.

Soooo…let’s be honest for a moment.

Perhaps you are engaging in some Booba marketing.

I get it.

There are so many things coming at you as a small business owner that it’s a struggle to keep up with everything.

The best way to do it is to get complete clarity on your messaging, as well as to create marketing systems and automation.

That’s what the entrepreneurs in my “Business Profit Formula” group program do.

And I keep everyone accountable so they remain consistent and aren’t marketing like Booba.

If you are ready to put into place consistent marketing that gets you a steady stream of clients, check this out:

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