Big Results Take Showing Up (Even When You “Don’t Wanna”)

business results take showing up

Post online, they say.

Reach out and get new clients, they say. 

So here you are, 1000% in the posting/following/liking hustle.

But it’s not happening as fast as you want it to (or at all).

You may even have a lot of followers/friends, but few-to-no converted leads.

So why keep doing this “social media” thing? It’s just one more task on your already full plate, and maybe it’s not something you particularly enjoy doing.

Time to throw in the towel, right?!


I’ve got news for you. People are watching you (cue spooky music…). 

There are people who are reading your posts. They might not be liking or commenting on your content, but they are listening.

Here’s the thing about social media: a lot of your engaged audience will never hire you. They may be your biggest cheerleaders online, but that’s sometimes where the relationship ends. And that’s ok (in fact, it’s suuuuuper great to have a crew of online cheerleaders!).

BUT, there will also be people who are eyeing you, vetting you, and evaluating you, on social media and elsewhere. 

Even if these folks are silent, they are paying attention. When you share valuable content, you’re laying the groundwork for these people to trust you, learn from you and work with you. 

So as much as you’d love to throw in the towel when things just don’t seem to be going the way you’d like on social media, please don’t.

Instead, read on…

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Sticking With It To Get (And Stay) On Your Audience’s Radar

Keep Showing Up (On Social, In Person, At Events…)

Keep engaging, keep interacting and keep showing up…even when you don’t want to.

Even on your hard days, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you are not getting the outcomes you want. 

Keep. Showing. Up.

Because the truth is: marketing is a marathon interspersed with some sprints. 

Yes, you may hit some walls, but you’ll eventually get wins, too. Stick with it, show up, keep up the pace, and put in the good work. 

Keep building your foundation with content that speaks clearly and directly to your specific audience, both in-person and online (depending on what you offer and who/where your audience is). 

Create, engage, respond, follow up. Stay the course.

If you keep showing up regularly (and with strategy), your network will too. People’s trust in you will build. And your business will profit.

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Don’t Ignore Your Online Data and Be Willing To Pivot

If you’re feeling bored with your content, then chances are your audience is, too. 

Change it up, Mix Master!

Dive into your Facebook Insights (if you have a Business Page), Google Analytics and/or Instagram Insights to see what’s working (and what’s not). 

What are some of your top posts for engagement? 

What types of content gets the most shares? Videos? Contests?

Which posts have the biggest impressions?

Which channels are visitors using to get to your website?

Identify your patterns, and keep going! Post more of the type of content that gets your audience’s blood pumping, and pivot away from the actions that simply aren’t working. 

Stay relevant and stay motivated.

Posting quality content keeps your fans engaged and also keeps YOU engaged. 

“Putting yourself out there” is not a one time thing. 

Keep analyzing, keep adjusting, keep tweaking. 

Ask Questions, Listen to Your Audience, and Learn, Learn, Learn…

Ask questions.

It’s inherently simple, and can have a BIG ol’ pay off.

Questions start conversations – plain and simple. Get to know your people on a deeper level. It’ll help increase your engagement through comments, and also help you understand what gets your clients/leads excited to participate! 

What do they love doing? 

What do they fear?

What are their biggest frustrations?

What are their big wins?

Don’t be afraid to ask non-business related questions, too. It’s one of the best ways to get people talking and sharing.

When you’re in a content rut, or unsure how to carry on, ask your audience questions. The answers may surprise (and educate) you!

Give Your Audience Reasons to Stick with You By Offering Great Value

Make your audience feel like they’ve tapped a hidden gold mine! 

Remember, there’s only one YOU who can deliver the insight, style, and value you do. Let ‘em have it.

Come up with ways to delight and engage your friends/followers/readers. Some examples of adding value to your social media posts: 

  • Members-only FB Groups
  • FB Live invites
  • Webinars
  • Group challenges
  • Sneak peeks
  • Quizzes 
  • Contests
  • Success stories

Encourage followers to keep your relationship going by delivering content only YOU can offer. Keep showing up — day in and day out — and showcasing the kind of value that you (and only you!) have the ability to give. 

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Show Up for the Long Haul

You’ll begin to see, most of your clients will come from your persistent long-term efforts. This means putting yourself out there to learn, improve, gauge, change, be patient and enjoy the process.

Give your people all the reasons to stick with you and trust you. If you keep showing up, they will too.

If you’re ready to commit and start getting BIG results from your outreach efforts, book a call and let’s chat. 

Together, we’ll map out a way for you, and only you, to start growing your income and attracting your perfect-fit clients on social and elsewhere. It takes strategy, it takes direction, it takes guts, and it takes the commitment on your part to show up for your future self…even when you “don’t wanna.”

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