AXE for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever seen an AXE commercial?

They feature an ordinary guy dousing himself in an AXE cologne product.

And the next thing he knows, hordes of beyond-beautiful women are running towards him. The women just can’t control themselves.

It’s called “The AXE Effect.”

Now, AXE’s commercials have been dubbed sexist, bizarre, offensive, gross and a whole bunch of other things. They are admittedly controversial.

But while I have my decided opinions about AXE and its messaging, this email isn’t actually about debating AXE’s commercials.

Instead, it’s about a funny idea that came to me the other day.

One of those old AXE commercials popped into my head. I have no idea what sparked it.

And then I started thinking, what if entrepreneurs could spray some kind of magic potion on our marketing that attracted swarms of ideal clients.

What if they just couldn’t help but scream to us, “I HAVE TO WORK WITH YOU, NOW!”?

That would be amazing.

Sadly, there isn’t a potion or body spray that can do that.

But, I DO have the next best thing.

It’s a formula.

The Business Profit Formula is my 12-week coaching program that will teach you how to attract an ongoing stream of ideal clients who want to work with you.

And while it’s not something you can spray all over you, it’s still incredibly effective.

Check it out.

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