Avoid This Brand Positioning Mistake at All Costs

Brand positioning lesson: Why Cheetos bathing is a bad idea

I came across an article called “13 Worst Dating Profiles Ever” and I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad.

The one that really stood out was Matt’s photo.

Under his name, it said “I love Cheetos” and it had his profile photo with him wearing a red and black wig in a bathtub filled with Cheetos.

The GOOD thing about Matt’s dating profile was that he differentiated himself.

The BAD thing about Matt’s profile was pretty much everything else.

He was not presenting himself in a way that was not going to attract the ladies. At best, he was confusing them. At worst, he was driving them away (WAY away).

And, unfortunately, I see a lot of entrepreneurs making similar mistakes.

There’s a good chance you are like them – you have social media profiles and websites that are not set up to attract your ideal clients to call you.

Instead, you focus on the number of sessions you sell or your hourly rates or the mishmash of services you sell.

You clutter your message with information that just dilutes the RESULT that you provide for your clients.
And when you do that, you’re a lot like Matt in his bath of Cheetos.

Your messaging is confusing and doesn’t differentiate you effectively.

You certainly aren’t setting yourself up to sell your services at a premium price.

The coaches and consultants that I work with get amazing results. Their messaging and brand positioning is focused on the BIG OUTCOMES they get and it magnetizes their perfect-fit clients.

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Don’t be like Matt.

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