About Wendy Maynard

I’ve been where you are right now.

In 2000, I opened the doors to my fledgling marketing firm and couldn’t find enough clients, couldn’t get enough leads, and couldn’t make enough money.

I undercharged while working 60 – 80 hours a week. I was miserable.

I struggled for years before I unlocked the secrets of attracting a steady stream of premium-paying, dream clients who paid me for high-ticket packages. And I did it the hard way – I made EVERY MISTAKE along the way.

You are probably feeling the way I did back then…

No matter what you try, you just aren’t getting the steady flow of cash and clients. And your business isn’t fulfilling the dreams you had for it when you first started – more income, more freedom, more time off.

Instead, all you’re doing is feeling chained to your computer, on the fast track to burnout. You’ve got no time for family or yourself, and you can’t increase your revenue without working more (waaay more).

The sad fact is that most service-based entrepreneurs are struggling to attract a predictable flow of the ideal clients they need…and they are stuck far below the income they deserve.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I help service-based business owners and creative business professionals (web designers, developers, graphic designers, social media experts, copywriters, etc.) to turn their business around and put them on the fast track to more income, more impact, and more time for the life they want to live.

In addition to growing my own agency to the multi-million dollar level, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners worldwide to help them scale up to 6-, 7-, and 8-figures. Along the way, I created a step-by-step formula that will show you exactly how to create a company that grows and prospers (even when you are on vacation).

You’ll finally get to enjoy your family and friendships, and live a life you love while leading the thriving business of their dreams.

I put my formula into a free masterclass that you can watch right now. In this training, I’ll walk you through the EXACT strategies my clients are using to multiply their income and scale their businesses to 6- and 7 figures, faster than they ever thought possible WITHOUT complicated strategies, extra hustle, or spending more money on marketing and advertising.

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