About Wendy Maynard
Hello there!

I'm so glad you are here...

I’m Wendy Maynard.

I help online solopreneurs like YOU share your expertise with the world through digital courses, group programs, and Signature Offers.

I’ve helped my clients 10x their revenues, enjoy 5-figure launches, sell-out their online programs, and book out their services months in advance.

I live in Oregon with my 2 sons and Aussiedoodle, Oakley (that’s us in those pictures 🤗). 

A list of things about me...

In no particular order...

  • • For almost 18 years, I owned a marketing firm which I helped grow to the multi-million dollar level. 

  • • This online business is about 5 years old. It’s hit multiple-6 figures several years in a row. 

  • • I create and sell a lot of different online trainings and courses.

  • • I’m obsessed with tea and drink a LOT of it. 

  • • I love dark chocolate, but don’t like most cake, pie, or cookies (weirdo, I know!).

  • • I’m a sci-fi and fantasy nerd. I also like board games. 

  • • Definitely a Marvel over DC kinda gal.

  • • I played competitive women’s Ultimate frisbee for many years.

  • • Love playing in my garden and planting things that attract pollinators & birds.

  • • As a single mom, I’m always looking for ways to work smarter in fewer hours. I embrace an anti-hustle approach to business and life. 
  • • I embrace diversity and am committed to creating a community where everyone in my space feels valued and free to be who they are regardless of race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, neurodiversity, (dis)ability including physical and mental health, religion, or any other aspect that makes them unique.

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